Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast on Jesus and forgiveness

For Jesus, the Holy Spirit bears witness in his hearers’ hearts to the truth and to forgiveness – unconditional forgiveness. All the authentic parables are based on the understanding that Jesus’s hearers are able “in Holly Spirit” to understand “from within” what God is like. We cannot extinguish this Holy Spirit; it is the lifebreath of our lifebreath; but we can, as it were, “stop breathing.” That is the sin which even God cannot forgive, because forgiveness is freely offered, not imposed

The way I understand and interpret this quote in my own words, is that if I am present, I can feel and understand God, Being, Spirit, Universe, – however you may call it, from within.  You can grow in your spirit, in your Spiritual Practice and become more enlightened, therefore closer to God, Universe, The Creator, become more aware and through that you are forgiven. We can not get rid of this energy, spirit, as it is from birth in us, it is us.  But we can of course refuse being present, ignore the spirit within, shut it down and fully give into our egos, and that cannot be forgiven! Because if you do not believe in God, and refuse/ignore the Being, the Spirit, the Energy inside you, if you are ignoring its existence – then how can, what in your mind does not exist, forgive you.
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