Skill development through being present?

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If you are a parent, a coach, an instructor or if you just enjoy a smart, funny and very interesting book you must read Daniel Coyle’s book – The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill in Sports, Art, Music, Math, and Just About Anything by Daniel Coyle.
I love how he writes. Great book that I will definitely read again. As a parent I am now able to encourage, motivate and support my kids just the right way to give them a chance to explore their abilities and opportunities. And for my husband being a boxing, kickboxing and MMA coach – I was very happy to find that he already does everything pretty much “by the book”.
Again I found this book to be a very easy, fun read, yet I have gotten so much of of this book. It was quite an eye-opener.
I do not see the need of a detailed review – there are many of those on internet, but I have to mention the reason I am bringing up this book. My biggest “AHA” moment came as I read a chapter on “deep practice”. In shirt “deep practice” is when one is fully present while working out/training, fully aware of each aspect of the practice and immediately able to attend to any and all imperfections. Through deep practice we are able to increase levels of a substance called “myelin“. Myelin is the insulation that wraps around nerve fibers. According to Coyle, myelin is critical in the development of skill. Myelin is increased through deep practice and, in turn, increased myelin affects the signal strength, speed and accuracy of the electric signals traveling through nerve fibers. This increase of myelin and its effect on neurons has more to do with skill development than had previously been realized.
In other words it is not how much you practice it is the depth and quality of your practice.
Be present.

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