Prayer. Meditation. Summary.

5 Step Prayer, or so is a great article by a wonderful blogger “In 2 Deep”
This article is a perfect summary of what a meditation or a prayer should be. Davidya walks you through the process, explains each step and provides references.
I find that if you are a beginner, it is helpful to get comfortable with the Silence – step number one, first. Take each step slowly, in the beginning, it helps me if I focus on my breath. If you are watching your breath, it becomes easier to go inside, to become present and to quiet your mind.
Personally, sometimes I just meditate and other times I meditate and transition into a prayer, where by prayer I mean talking to God.
I actually also like Eckhart Tolle’s advise. He suggests following “Who am I” meditation.
“Who am I? – Meditation mantra, favored by Ramana Maharshi. Repeat silently every 30 seconds & pay attention to the space after the question.”
I find it most helpful to focus, become present and quiet my mind, especially after a busy day, when it is hard to stop thinking. But it actually became a habit of mine to use Who am I every time as I start to meditate/pray.
So here is the article. Enjoy.

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  1. This is really Great experience having writing and all thanks to askjeeve search engine pick up me on here. I loved learning your posting and put into the bookmarks. The views you used to put up was clearly understandable. My hubby also appreciated after reading this post. I’ll go through for more earlier.


  2. Hi Pat, thank you so much for you feedback. I am very happy you found this post helpful. I try to share my personal experience on this blog and break it down, so that it is easier to understand. My husband also likes to read this blog, he has no time to read all the books, so here he can find information he needs.
    You may find these posts useful as well:
    Thank you again for your comment.
    Stay present,


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