Ego. a necessary evil – for now?

Ego, mind, ego, mind, egoic mind….. what has created my last post? until I become fully enlightened, aware, should I think that some forms of ego are Okay for the time-being … ?
I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on that.

  1. I think ego is necessary, up to a point. Ego is in a sense, our awareness of ourselves as distinct beings. Without ego, we would not take care of ourselves, of our bodies. But with too much ego, we start to take care of our interests more selfishly, and compromise those around us, and our environment. Which ultimately hurts us, too. The thing is balance. The Middle Way, perhaps.


    • Hi David and thank you for the comment. I was talking to my husband about this over breakfast. Ego does seem to be a natural and a necessary part of our evolution, at least at a stage where most of humanity is right now. I think the trick here is to be aware of it, to know that you are not your ego and to keep it in check, under control, so that it does not control us, but we control and shape it.
      By the way, I like your blog, also you take beautiful pictures.


  2. It’s a pleasure, Elena. Thank you for your generous comments on my blog and pictures. “Controlling” ego, I think, may be quite hard, but there are ways to bring it naturally into balance over time. One way being finding the company of those who live compassionately and thoughtfully.


  3. I still keep getting back to this topic…
    I really don’t think it is that hard to control ego, for someone who is not identified with it.
    In my opinion, if I believe that ego is who/what I am, then I am identified with it, and therefore would not be able to control it. However, if I know that I am so much more than this body/mind/thought, that I am a part of Self, God, Universe, Creative Energy – however you may call, then I can, in fact see the ego for what it is and can work on separating from it more and more.
    But the mere fact that someone recognizes ego as a separate entity, is already a huge step forward.
    There is actually a great article on that subject


  4. The question is how someone first learns not to identify themselves completely with their ego. There must be a multitude of ways in which we are able to do this.


  5. Thank you David. You are right. I can only speak from my own experience. And everyone has their own path to follow…


  6. Oh, I didn’t mean to suggest that you were being prescriptive.
    I think some paths are formal, and easier to follow than others.
    And some people find their way almost by accident.
    All wonderful and mysterious, when it works out.


  7. I do try very hard to avoid being prescriptive. If I am – please let me know!
    I have no desire to, nor am I in a position to advise. The whole purpose of this blog for me, was to recap my own reading, my own experiences. I find it extremely helpful while reviewing, to understand better and in depth. Sort of a diary as well as a place of reference for my own spiritual journey.
    Feedback also helps tremendously and I thank you for yours.


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