God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 2

I am continuing to recap “The Rich Man” chapter from Commentary part of The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell.
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This is another wonderful thought on what is the treasure in heaven:

Treasure right here and now, in the kingdom of heaven. In fact, the kingdom of heaven is the treasure.
Abu Yazid al-Bistami said, “Anyone whose reward from God is deferred until tomorrow has not truly worshiped him today.”

I had to read it few times until it actually soaked in – “Anyone whose reward from God is deferred until tomorrow has not truly worshiped him today.”  Is it not one of the most profound statements ever?  If you are truly present and truly live in the now,  then you are immediately rewarded, your treasure is there in that moment, in today, you see all the beauty this moment has to offer.
And furthermore.

Most religious traditions make a distinction between the path of the householder and the path of the renunciate. This distinction almost always carries with it a judgment (made by renunciates, of course) that the renunciate’s path is spiritually superior. But the two are equal, and each has its advantages and pitfalls.
Questioner: Can a householder attain liberation?
Maharshi: Why do you think of yourself as a householder? If you become a wondering monk, a similar thought – that you are a renunciate – will haunt you. Whether you continue as a husband and father, or renounce your family and go to the forest, your small self will still accompany you. The self is the source of thoughts. It creates the body and the world and makes you think that you are really a householder. If you renounce the world, it will only substitute the thought renunciate for householder and the environment of the forest for that of a household. But the mental obstacles are always there. They even increase in new surroundings. There is no help in the change of enviroment. The obstacle is the mind. it must be overcome, whether at home or in the forest. If you can do it in the forest, why not in the home? Therefore why change the enviroment? Your efforts can be made even now, whatever your enviroment may be.

This is beautiful passage and although this eye opening information is referring back to Bible, it makes perfect sense. That is why I love Stephen Mitchell’s writing. He helps you understand and therefore apply these principles in you own life.
…still to be continued…
Stay present,

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