God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 3

The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. Part two of this post you can find here – God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 2

The truth is that when we see money clearly, we can recognize it as neither good nor bad, but as pure energy, and understand that it can be used, like electricity, either for good or for harm. “The unworthy person,” said Tzu-ssu in The Central Harmony, “develops his wealth at the expense of his character; the mature person develops his character by means of his wealth.” When we are in love with God, even money is divine service, as in the following prayer – ecstatic, outrageous, and wonderfully innocent – from the Taittiriya Upanishad:
” May I become famous, may I become richer than the richest, so that I may serve you better, sweet Lord!
May I enter into you, may you enter into me! May I merge with your thousands of shapes, for my purification.
As water flows downward, as the months mingle with the year, may students come to me from everywhere, so that I may serve you better, sweet Lord! “

Essentially if we look at money as energy, just like everything around us, including ourself, money takes on a completely different perspective. And as with energy, you attract what you release. Karma does not only apply to our actions, but also to our thoughts and the energy we project. So if you have any negative issues with money, you constantly worry and stress out, than that is exactly what you will continue getting more of, until you are able to get a grip, to realize, that it is as it is and there is nothing to be gain by stressing out about your finances.
There so many people at this time experiencing hardship. One must realize that, okay, I am screwed and there is no way around it. Broke, out of work, loosing house…anything. But, if you get the fact that it is the way it is and there is no reason to: dwell on it, analyze the situation and feel sorry about yourself, or keep asking why, and thinking of how wonderful it all used to be, then you can move on. You leave bad behind you, you face what is and start working on fixing the situation. Celebrate little good things in your life. There is always something to be thankful for. There has being so much research done to show that people that are grateful and thankful, are much happier, than those who do not take time to appreciate and say thanks for what they’ve got.
I actually know what I am talking about here. My husband and I came to US with $300, no family, no friends, no job, spoke zero English. He was very successful athlete and businessmen in Russia, but had to start over, in a foreign country, from nothing. We have never received any government assistance at all, no help. Just hard work and learning from our mistakes. We have lived through success and hardship, lost jobs, failed businesses, huge debt, losing money in crushed stock market, unrealized dreams. Yet today we are in a wonderful place, financially, spiritually, mentally, etc. Most importantly spiritually and because of that everything else fell in place.
more to come….
Stay present,

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