God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 4

This is another wonderful lesson from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell.

The Jewish attitude (on the subject of wealth) is well summarized by the eleventh-century Spanish rabbi Bakhya ibn Pakuda:
“If he who trusts in God is rich, he will cheerfully fulfill all the religious and ethical obligations that a rich man has; and if he is poor, he will consider the absence of money as a blessing from God, relieving him of the responsibilities its possession involves, and from the labor of guarding and managing it. The rich man who trusts in God will not find his wealth an obstacle to his faith; for he doesn’t place his confidence in his wealth, which is for him a trust he has been assigned for a limited period so that he may apply it for the good of himself, his family, and his society. He doesn’t take credit for his generosity, or require any reward or praise; but in his heart he gives thanks to the Creator who has made him the agent of His beneficence. And if he loses his wealth, he doesn’t worry or mourn its loss, but is grateful to God for taking away what was only entrusted to him, just as he was grateful to God for the original gift, and he rejoices in his portion.”

Something to think about. Our attachments to money are huge, and no matter if we have it, or if we have none – we are still deeply attached to money.
Last post on this chapter is coming up next. Stay tuned…
and stay present,

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