1. I really think I am destined to win the lottery to help a lot of people. I know some people think I am crazy about this, but I TRULY BELIEVE THIS! Help me GOD!

    • I know what you mean about lottery…I was never fortunate to win anything major, I had to work my butt off for everything 😉 but I hope I am still able to help other people, if not through coming into money, than perhaps through this blog.

      • Hi Elena,
        Yes, you are helping through this blog for sure! I think that once we have enough money to survive, then any increase in happiness is an “inside job”; not due to more “stuff”. And you are presenting your insights with such clarity.
        Thanks for your post on my blog last night. I replied on my blog. I think there may be a way to reply directly by email. I’m working on that.
        Also I found out how to set up a blog roll and you are on it!

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