Bad anger vs. good anger

This is another subject that is important to me. After reading, hearing Tolle I decided that any type of emotion, especially negative, are of my ego and therefore is bad and to be avoided at all cost. Well, I found that for me this was almost impossible. Although I am much more aware of my feeling, emotions and thoughts, but what a great joy I felt reading this passage in You must become like children chapter from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell.

There is such a thing as anger that doesn’t arise from the ego but from compassionate outrage. Blake said, “The voice of honest indignation is the voice of God.” The Buddhists call this “Bodhisattva anger,” anger for the sake of all beings.
One of the best examples is a story I heard from the Zen teacher Robert Aitken. It seems that Robert Louis Stevenson, out walking one day, saw a man beating a dog. “Stop that immediately!” Stevenson shouted.
The man said, “How dare you, sir! It is my dog. I can treat it as I wish.”
“No, sir!” Stevenson shouted. “It is God’s dog, and I am here to protect it!”

For those like me, in the beginning of a spiritual journeyany times anger or other emotions that arise within us, are selfish emotions. Someone insults you by word or action and that anger, that you may feel, is not what would we could call “anger for the sake of all beings”…. Something to pay attention to and to think about.

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