Philo’s perspective on a wise man

The face of a wise man is not somber or austere, contracted by anxiety and sorrow, but precisely the opposite: radiant and serene, and filled with a vast delight, which often makes him the most playful of men, acting with a sense of humor that blends with essential seriousness and dignity, just as in a well-tuned lyre all the notes blend into one harmonious sound. According to our holy teacher Moses, the goal of wisdom is laughter and play – not the kind that one sees in little children who do not yet have the faculty of reason, but the kind that is developed in those who have grown mature through both time and understanding. If someone has experienced the wisdom that can only be heard from oneself, learned from oneself, and created from oneself, he does not merely participate in laughter: he becomes laughter himself.”

A wise man, enlightened man, this passage give a picture of what he looks, feels and acts like. I line it. Also how that wisdom is attained – from oneself, not from some outside source. A very important point, as no matter how much we read, study, meditate, pray – the awakening has to happen from withing.

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