Just believing vs. becoming Buddha the enlightened one

There so many people around, who believe themselves to be religious or spiritual, they believe in God. Sometimes, I see how they live and a question arises – being spiritual, religious person, believing in God, leaving as a spiritual, religious being – is there a difference. Some believe in God, do things that God would not approve of, then later, they ask for forgiveness and go on, doing bad things again to later repent, and so on and so forth, a circle of lies.
So yes I do absolutely think, that there are some, who believe in God and others who live through, by God.
The passage I want to quote below is from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. And it is this passage that prompted my thoughts on this subject. I hope it will force you to do the same.

In Buddhism, too, there are the dreamers and the awakened: those who only believe in Buddha and those who have become Buddhas themselves. One sect, the Pure Land school, is remarkably like traditional Christianity. It teaches absolute dependence on the Buddha and absolute faith in him; those who surrender completely will be reborn in the Western Paradise, the Pure Land, where all is peace and joy.
But the most mature devotees of the Pure Land school have realized that, in the words of the eighteenth-century Japaneese zen Master Hakuin:

“Nirvana is right here, before our eyes;

this very place is the Lotus Land;

this very body, the Buddha.”

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