Consciousness, Self, Creator – what and where are they?

Another great article just posted by “In 2 Deep” which prompted my response and many ideas.
I have seen the movies mentioned below, and am very happy to see the name of John Hagelin, resurfacing for me.
When I watched these two videos (one is 10 min long and the second is 8 min long) I felt the urge to see more, I googled John Hagelin, and found below mentioned videos on YouTube, among many more others. What seems shocking to me, is that as urgent and as brilliant, as the information which John presents, these videos were posted over 2 years ago and the highest number of hits was 109,184 views, for the most popular one. There are so many of his videos, and yet such a low interest. It struck me as very odd. Is there so few people in the world looking for answers, or are they looking in the wrong places? Or perhaps, we all are at different levels of spiritual journey and therefore talking advantage of different sources of teaching, or information according to our present needs. I personally, just now became aware of these videos, so hopefully day by day more people will be ready to discover this amazing information.
So here is the article, and if you want to see the blog I rebloged it from, go to What is Consciousness? « In 2 Deep:

In 2004, an unusual film was released called What the BLEEP do we Know? It was a series of interviews with various scientists and philosophers, told over a dramatic back-story. The theme was what modern physics might suggest about the nature of reality. It was one of those films that people loved or hated as it suggested our common view of the world was incomplete.
A year after the film was released, there was a conference in California where they reinterviewed the original speakers and added to the original production, creating a second 2.5 hr. edition – Down the Rabbit Hole. And then a 5 hr. Quantum edition.
In the below, they are reinterviewing Physicist John Hagelin in unedited footage. (John got a standing ovation at the 2005 Bleep conference near Vancouver.)
They discuss:
– What is consciousness, and Unified Field Theory
– How knowledge of enlightenment is lost
– The Observer and Unity, more than one truth.

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