God has no name…

From The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell.

God tells Moses, “My name is I am.” But in reality, God has no name. Inside that silence all things are holly.
“Man has access to his name, although it is also transcendent. It shines in the beauty and order of the world, and it shines in the interior light of the human soul. The name is holiness itself; there is no holiness outside it; it does not therefore have to be hallowed. In asking for its hallowing we are asking for something that exists eternally, with full and complete reality, so that we can neither increase nor diminish it, even by an infinitesimal fraction. To ask for that which exists, that which exists really, infallibly, eternally, quite independently of our prayer – that is the perfect petition. We cannot prevent ourselves from desiring; we are made of desire; but the desire that nails us down to what is imaginary, temporal, selfish, can, if we make it pass wholly into this petition, become a lever to tear us from the imaginary into the real and from time into eternity, to lift us right out of the prison of the self.”

(Simone Weil, Waiting for God, trans. Emma Craufurd, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1951, p.217)

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