Spiritual Journey – a luxury I can afford.

In my last post I talked about balancing a spiritual practice, a family, a job and everything else that is thrown at us daily.
Few days ago I met with a wonderful friend of mine who I have known for about 13 years. She was telling me that her Spiritual Practice had a great momentum and is growing rapidly. I asked her what has changed. She said she visited Boston Shambhala Meditation Center and took a class in meditation.
She now meditates daily in the morning and at night and can really feel a tremendous impact of that daily ritual on her practice. I felt envious.
You have to understand, my friend is a brilliant woman, who majored in physics and astronomy, has a very successful career, raised a great son and now is enjoying a perfect life in her peaceful contemporary loft with an amazing view. I could just picture her meditating overlooking a sunrise, serene and clear.
Then I thought of my life (more on it in my last post) and how impossible this experience would be for me, with a preteen and a toddler, a husband and a messy house. My life is beautiful, but I clearly have  a different path to take on my Spiritual Journey.
And that led me to think. Spiritual Journey is a luxury! Regular working moms and dads, with kids, soccer practices, swimming and piano lessons, mortgages, bills, 2 cart grocery shopping, Costco memberships – can we find time or money for our Spiritual Practice?
My dream is to go on a Spiritual retreat, to take meditation lessons, to get back into my daily yoga practice, to meditate twice a day with the sunrise and sunset, to write more, read more, join some kind of group of like-minded souls…but these are all just that – dreams. For now. It costs money and time, none of which I have. Have you checked how much it is to go to a Spiritual retreat?
So while some lucky souls are able to partake and to enjoy these wonderful spiritual boosters. I must make my Spiritual practice a part of my crazy, loving and beautiful everyday life.
I have another friend, who also is a very spiritual person. She was the one to tell me about Eckhart Tolle years before Oprah had him on the show. She loves what he teaches, but she also told me that in her reality it is almost impossible to be present and to be in the Now. She too has three small children and a happy buzzy crazy life. They live on a beautiful picturesque farm in Canada and yet last thing on her mind is the view out of her window.
I try to always remember that Spiritual practice is just like Eckhart Tolle teaches, is in being present every moment of your day. Sometimes it is hard, I slip-up, I raise my voice, I get upset, but as long as I see myself doing that and as long as I can allow these emotions, let them go and get back into my Present moment back on my Spiritual path – than I am fine.
Life itself is a greatest Spiritual Lesson. My lesson is right here, right Now.

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