My Day 1 of 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse

21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford is offered for free on
I decided to try it. I have practiced releasing using Sedona Method and 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse sounds like an interesting thing to do. I am sure it works and I want to see it’s effect on me.

Consciousness Cleanse Day 1: The Gift of Desire
I listened to the 8min meditation, followed it and here is where it took me:
1. Cleansing Ritual
The area of my life that most needs my attention right now is my children. This is my Outer Goal – raising mindful, healthy and grateful children.
I see my children present, peaceful, grateful and living a mindful life. Our whole family is happy, present, grateful. Only from within I can change and bring change to those around me. I myself must be present more and more.  Living mindful life in every moment and therefore helping my family do the same.
My Inner Goal, the one feeling I desire to feel most this year, is presence and peace. If I feel present and when I am present, I feel peace and I do not worry nor suffer. My family lives a happier, fulfilling and grateful life and time we spend together, although may be limited due to school and work, will be wonderful time of being fully present with one another. Each moment will be lived with understanding that there is no permanency, with love and appreciation for each other NOW.
2. Soulful Action
To reach my Outer Goal, my soul’s vision, I must – spend time with my children fully present, mindful and at peace. Not quantity, but quality time.  – I am making a commitment to this.
To reach my Inner Goal of  having more of the feeling of presence and peace, I must stay present and mindful at all times.
3. Soul Food: I am worthy of living my heart’s desires. – well I knew this one and i do believe this.

So this was my day 1 homework.  Actually my night 1, as I only have time to do this work at night while kids are asleep. So I meditate on it before I fall asleep and work on it all day until tonight’s Day 2 lesson.
I did not expect my Goal to be revealed as my children. I thought the meditation will show my career as my goal, or my health, myself, family in general, anything but my children. Why? I honestly thought there is nothing more to strive for with my children at this time, except doing what I am already doing. I though I was doing a splendid job 😉
Well, as always is, with things like that – as I had to analyze this goal that came from withing, I realized, that there is a much bigger, more important and yet much simpler thing I should be striving for with my kids. Yet it is not an easy thing – to just be with them, be fully present and thought that give them a gift of this peace and happiness that comes with being mindfully present thought life; present and grateful for this gift we all were given, gift of life.

  1. “Each moment will be lived with understanding that there is no permanency, with love and appreciation for each other NOW.”
    Elena, that goal just jumped out at me and touched my heart. It is a worthy goal for everyone to follow. Imagine what the world would be like if we all made this priority number one. I wish I had had it as my life goal / understanding when I was young. I may have done some things differently. Your family is greatly blessed. Thanks for posting this.


    • Dear Bruce, Thank you so much for you kind and encouraging comments. It is great to know, that what I say here is meaningful to others. I also must say that i so truly appreciate your comments. I do of course read them and they are extremely inspiring, but unfortunately I do not have time sometimes to respond and I must apologize for that.
      I also wanted to ask you, would it be okay with you if I re-blogged (with a link-back included of course) your post “The Bottom Line”? – you see I sent it to my husband and he also found it very inspirational. We had a long talk after reading it…and since my blog is just that – a collection of thoughts, quotes, ideas, etc that inspire me, I would love to include your post as well.


  2. Dear Elena, Thank you for your kind words about my comments. No need to apologize; I know how busy a mother is from watching mine as I grew up years ago and from seeing my wife in action! But thanks for the thought.
    I would be glad to have “The Bottom Line” appear on your lovely blog. Thanks for thinking of a link-back.
    Blessings to you and your family,


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