My Consciousness Cleanse Day 2: The Gift of Self-Awareness

So like a night before I listened to the meditation and did what it guided me to do. Here is a summary of my responses to the questions I had to complete.

1. Cleansing Ritual

My positive thumbs-up movie review of the life I saw during the meditation is “A beautiful loving movie. Wonderful strong and supportive family, brave bold decisions, embracing the changes, great career, health, hard work.” – it is more of a summary than a review, but I think that should do.
Task – Write out the experiences that you are still making wrong and the negative perspectives you may still be holding. My response – Money. Ability to make money, but complete lack of ability to save, to put aside. Consumerism. Spending more than earning. Relying on credit. Not able to secure own retirement, not able to save for children.
Task – Make sure to write out anything from your past that appears to be keeping you stuck or would keep you from reaching your desired result. My response – not sure, but perhaps my view of money, as illusive, liquid entity that keeps slipping thought my fingers.
2. Soulful Action
My Outer Goal.
Task – What is one action you could take in the outer world today that will bring you closer to your goal? Schedule a time to take the action today.
My response – Spend some true and mindful time with each child. May not be much, but must me meaningful. In the morning with baby and in the afternoon with oldest while K (my husband) is with care the baby.
Your Inner Goal.
Task – What could you do or what thought could you think today that would evoke the feeling you want to experience most this year?  – Take that action or think that thought today.
My response – Continue to stay present in every moment. Keep getting myself back in to the mindful state every time I get lost in thoughts.

I am not exactly sure what the purpose of the Cleansing Ritual is – I answer what I should, but then no action follows. I just had to write my responses down. I hope I am doing it write as the second part feels like repetition of yesterday.
I did find that being present and mindful throughout the day was a lot easier. I felt easy and at peace.

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