My first Sangha meeting

Last Sunday my husband and I, for the first time joined a Sangha meeting. This particular group follows teachings of Thích Nhat Hanh. It was a wonderful experience, especially for me, to be able to just sit there for 20 minutes with the only purpose of meditation, followed by 20 minutes of walking meditation, then again seated meditation. Then we had a little time for tea and talk, and in conclusion had a discussion about one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books.
My husband felt like more guidance would be nice, as he practices meditation much more than I, and I guess he expected a different experience, more of learning, of deeper discussion.
For me, however, all was great, although I too would like to learn, to talk about a deeper practice.
But this meeting being our very first, we enjoyed it and will definitely be back. It just felt great to be surrounded by like-minded souls. I also have a feeling that these discussions take tone of those participating. If one feels the need to speak of a deeper, higher practice, than others will join in. Issues that come up, are those that the group is ready for.
The most important lesson I took from that meeting, is lesson of Impermanence. It was barely touched upon, but it immediately took my attention over. For almost a week now it still is one idea I am working out. I talked about it a little in “My Day 1 of 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse” post.

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  1. Hi Elena,
    “…these discussions take tone of those participating. If one feels the need to speak of a deeper, higher practice, than others will join in.”
    That was definitely my experience in the TNH groups I sat in. I found that the meditation (sitting or walking) and the talking complimented each other.
    Sitting is a great teacher for me. I sit and watch my breath. An idea enters my mind, then an idea about the idea. Then a concept about ideas in general, then a theory about concepts , then The Theory of Everything, and then I am in another Galaxy far from my cushion. I eventually snap back to my cushion and my breath and then I congratulate myself for being so mindful of my breath. But then I realize cogratulations are not mindfulness of breath. Then I take pride in that astute observation and it is not long before I am off on another inter-galactic voyage.
    Lots of fun. Enjoy!


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