Things I wish I knew about nursing a toddler

I wish I knew that it will be much much harder to wean a toddler. It seemed impossible at times. I truly was often worried about not being able to wean her by 2. And I really did not feel the need to continue past two.
One thing that helped me with nursing toddler is that I taught her a Russian word for “boob”, and so when she would ask for it in public no one could understand but me.
Although, I did not nurse in public places. Just did not see the need. While at the mall I sometimes used mother’s room like the one Nordstrom has, but only when she was a newborn and nursed often. But as a toddler she was eating age appropriate foods and nursed only before, after sleep and at night. I would always carry tons of healthy snacks and tried to avoid getting her hungry.
Still she did often ask to nurse outside of home, when uncomfortable, or in unfamiliar situation,  scared or hurt. I used distraction to avoid nursing in public, as I really did not want her to get used to the idea. I preferred for her to only expect to be nursed at home. And it worked.
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