Effects of breastfeeding past one year

My daughter gave up her pacifier before she was 1, on her own. At one time, desperate to get her to sleep through the night without nursing I tried to give her the pacifier, but she absolutely refused. Also around 1 she gave up a bottle and only used sippy cups.
She never developed any attachments to any objects. I read somewhere that if you wean a baby too early, they find a substitute in a form of some sort of an object such as toy, blanket, bottle, pacifier etc. Apparently they miss human connection, closeness that nursing provides and that “thing”, that object that they choose is a sort of attempt to replace what they are missing. So they develop an attachment to an object. It sounded sad to me, so I was happy to notice that there was in fact a difference between my oldest and my youngest. While my oldest daughter nursed till 10 month, she did get desperately attached to a toy fish (that we still, 11 years later, had), yet my youngest, has no preference for any object whatsoever.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, I tried to avoid nursing outside of the house. I would breastfeed the little one at home before and after she slept/napped as well as at night. When she took two naps, she’d nurse at  waking up, then before and after each naps, then before bed and 2-3 times at night.
We  have gone through few months when she’d wake up every 2-2.5 hours to nurse. … but about that in another post.
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