Shit doesn’t just happen – it happens for a reason! There is a spiritual lesson in it. Look for one!

I find it fascinating, how things fall into our lap just when we need them. Not a day sooner, not a day later.
After a couple of months of weekly visits to doctors, I finally had a biopsy done as well as some additional blood work. Last Friday my allergist called and informed me that I tested positive for lupus.
About three months ago I developed a rash on my chest. It did not bother me, no itching, I could easily hide it, so I waited for few weeks to see if it’ll go away on its own. It didn’t. I went to my nutritionist who told me it may be from stress. I worked on eliminating stress, while rash kept spreading. Finally, I went to see my Internist, yet after a week on an antibiotic, rash continued to blossom.
When I went to see Dermatologist, he asked me if  I had lupus. I have heard the word but had no clue as to what that condition was. So we tried steroids, cortisone creams and then stronger steroids and more creams. At this point I came to admire how this rash of mine just kept doing its job, spreading to my shoulders, to my arms, my belly – absolutely unaffected by any of these wonderful treatments we have tried.
Finally, I had a biopsy done, while at the same time my allergist ordered some blood tests. Results for both came back last Friday. Biopsy diagnosis was Lichen Planus, did not sound too bad to me, kinda like an exotic Amazon orchid. Supposedly it just appears, hangs out for a while and then, later goes away, if it does not bother you, no treatment is necessary.
The blood test result did not sound that fascinating, as I have already done some research on it and knew what Lupus was. As I understand, one test cannot be conclusive and there are more tests to be done to determine whether or not I do in fact have lupus. But one was enough to make an impact.
My body is truly exceptionally healthy, so that was not something I expected to happen. But I guess somewhere on my spiritual journey I hit a bump and things need some shaking up – thankfully at the same time as all this was developing I felt compelled to try The Work by Byron Katie after seeing it mentioned few times on a blog I subscribe to In2Deep (Update – as of 2018 that particular blog does not exist). The Work  came just in time!

  1. Hi Elena,
    Usually I check your blog about every day but I missed a couple of days and now there are several new posts at once. I will try to subscribe.
    I was really sorry to learn of your test results (in your comment on my blog). I am so glad to see here that you are feeling “truly exceptionally healthy”. I was afraid that you might be feeling not well.
    I am sure the test made an impact, especially since it was so unexpected. As you say, we need to be open to the lessons and the blessings. I hope the new tests bring good news.
    You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    May God surround you with peace and love.


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