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I feel terrible for neglecting my blog, but as it is a reflection of my life I guess I should relax and just go with it.  As much as I love writing and sharing here, sometimes life just takes over. My spiritual practice always is the most important aspect of my life to attend to. It makes me a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, a better being, a healthier being physically as well as emotionally and perhaps with time, it will even make me a better blogger 😉
Today, I finally got some time to write as we are on a little vacation in beautiful Woodstock Vermont (pix to follow).
Anyway, I am still completely into The Work by Byron Katie. In my experience it is an amazing tool to be able to implement being present, living in the moment and about working without thoughts. I love it and I saw changes in my life pretty much immediately after starting to do The Work. My family also have commented that I am calmer, not at all confrontational nor reactive, more at peace.
My health. I talk about it in this post a little, lupus scare, although was, in fact, a great spiritual lesson, the one I was ready to embrace (thanks to The Work), turned out to be just that – a scare. After some extensive testing, doctors concluded I do not have lupus.
The reason lupus even came up – a rash I have developed, was diagnosed with a biopsy. I have a skin condition – Lichen planus (body) and Lichen planopilaris (scalp). It is not exactly known why it appears, it is not uncommon, not contagious and not treatable. It just sits there until it runs it’s course and goes away on its own within a year or two. If itchy I must cover myself in a layer of hydrocortisone cream twice daily – I did not, as my rash is not bothering me at all, not itchy, and call me silly, but I have a little problem applying cortisone all over my body for a year.
On the scalp, it is a bit more problematic, as one may permanently loose hair if scarring occurs in the affected area if not treated. Well, the “treatment” is a steroid cream to merely keep it under control. Like I said above, according to conventional medicine (4 different doctors), there is no treatment. However, I believe that with this rash my body is trying to tell me something and I do not believe that it is possible for something like that to just appear for no good reason. So I was determined to find out what caused it and how to cure it without getting on meds for the rest of my life….Have to go, for now, the baby is about to wake up from her nap.

  1. Hi Elena,
    Wow! That’s great news that you don’t have lupus!
    I have been hoping that your absence from the blog meant that you were having fun on vacation.
    This is really spooky. As you know, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. About one week ago I developed a square itchy flat-topped raised bump on my wrist. There is a smaller irregular one nearby. They are sort of purplish-brownish-red. My wife and I could not figure out what this was. When I saw your post today I googled Lichen planus and the pics I found looked exactly like the bump on my wrist. Oh well, that’ll teach me to pray for people! 🙂
    I hope you and your family are all having a really great vacation. Thanks for posting the good news! Keep happy!

    • P.S. Not all Lichen planus looks the same so please don’t assume that what I described on my wrist looks the same as what Elena has. I should have made that clear in my original comment above. Besides, my wife and I are not doctors so we may have misdiagnosed my spot. Do it Yourself doctoring via the internet is not recommended!

  2. Hi Bruce. You are right, pictures on internet are I think extreme cases, when left unattended, untreated. My looks very little like these. I always think that doctors should diagnose anyway. I trust doctors with diagnosing the problem, but not necessarily treating nor finding the root of it, the cause. that is where I believe alternative, natural, homeopathic medicine comes in.

  3. I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris a week ago after a biopsy. The only symptoms I have are some hair shedding and some itching a few months ago. However, when the dermatologist diagnosed me with the issue, she put 15 needles with anti-inflammatory in my head and prescribed me cortozone cream to apply 4 times a week. Well, after the shots were administered, my head started itching and burning! It got worse when I applied…therefore I stopped.
    I can’t seem to see any signs of it on my head, such as bumps. Can you see anything on your head?
    You mentioned that it goes away on its own. If this is so, I hope I have hair left when it goes away! I am thinking about starting a nutritional program called Nutritional Balancing. It is conducted through a hair sample analysis and you take supplements based on what your body is deficient in or what kind of toxins you need to get out of your system. What are your thoughts around this. It’s really nice to find someone else with this condition.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Christine,
      Yes I also do hair testing wil my clients. I believe that there are few simple steps that you need to take before making any drastic changes. I have been diagnosed 3 years ago and still have most of my hair 🙂 I am asymptomatic as of now, but I also do have flare ups on occasion and I do have some scar tissue, one spot is about a size of a quarter.
      In my experience with this disorder it is about managing it, and making gradual lifestyle changes, eliminating allergies that cause inflammation, detoxing, supplementing and eating right for you and your body. In fact I think it is so much about an ongoing disease management, that I stay in touch with my clients long after we are done working together, so that as new questions, problems arise, I am here and ready to help and support them.
      All autoimmune disorders are inflammatory. So first thing I personally did was to change what and how I ate, I saw effect of it within a week. I do agree with supplements, but I also support opinion of many doctors that as the latest research shows we have to be careful of what we take and it what doses. I take food based supplements and not synthetic ones.
      Stress/lifestyle is a big factor. I work together with dermatologists/doctors and they welcome an opportunity to provide their patients with additional support as far as nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle changes, etc. So I would make sure that the counselor you work with feels comfortable reaching out to your dermatologist to support your healing. Unfortunately doctors do not have the resources nor time to talk with you weekly, to support you with nutrition advise, to suggest and help you as far as lifestyle choices you make….so most do appreciate involvement of a good health holistic counselor.
      I truly hope this helps! Good luck and please let me know if I may be of any help!

    • Hi Christine,
      I just wanted to check in with you, to see how you are doing, adjusting…
      I hope you are feeling better and empowered and making some good changes to your lifestyle 🙂

      • Hi there,
        Thank you for checking in with me. I sent my hair sample off last week for a hTMA analysis. I have made some changes to my lifestyle, such as no sugar, dairy and wheat in my diet and have cut back on exercising 4 hrs a week instead of 6 so my body can get more rest. I will get the results of my hair sample in a few weeks and will start taking supplements based on my results.
        My head has started itching again, which is quite bothersome. Any suggestions for me based on your experience?
        I look forward to hearing from you.
        Kind regards,

      • Itching is associated with inflammation, whenever my scars start itching I know they are active and inflamed, therefore I most likely will be loosing hair in that spot. Do you develop dry skin parches that come off like large flakes?
        I have noticed now, that I have been working with Lichen Planopilaris for 4 years, that when I cheat on my diest – I immediately get itchy spots. My scalp is like a thermometer of my health now, if I am not taking care of myself it letts me know 🙂
        Also keep in mind that it takes time for the cells to renew themselves, and you have indeed made some great changes to your diet, but you need to allow your body to heal. I also don’t think that exercise is bad, but lack of rest is. So if you are active just make sure you get enough sleep, and maybe replace those hours you have taken out of you routine with yoga – yoga is great to reduce stress, and stress reduction is an important part of your healing.
        Also Christine, do you mind if I use your comments and questions as a post on my nutrition educational elenaselivan.com website – I think it may be very helpful for others with the same disorder. I have many people asking about autoimmune disorders, and skin related especially. I will not use your name, but you are welcome to reply to it.
        Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing!

      • Hi there,
        No, I don’t mind if you use my comments for your health site. It’s strange because I find that when I go outside, my head itches less. I wonder what this could mean. Do you know if this condition goes away over time? I don’t notice my hair thinning, I just notice losing hair. What type of diet do you recommend?
        Kind regards,

      • I have Lichen Palnopilaris for almost 10 years and the medications and ointments and creams are not helping. got any tips?

    • I was diagnosed with LPP 7 years ago.I had the shots but i stopped them after a while. They put me on a couple of medicines but i quit taking them.
      My hair has always come back in all the spots but i have gone through times when my hair was doing really good. I do not know what helped but a while back i was taking an aspirin, eating blueberries ,walnuts and greek yogurt twice a day.I do think bread is not good because my doctor said there was yeast on my scalp. I find as soon as i eat certain things i will notice my head starts itching. My doctor also said sweating is not good for this condition. I would like to know what people eat that has helped them.
      My doctor said it usually will burn it self out usually between 5 to 10 yrs i know that is discouraging but i do think my hair does better in the winter.
      My head seems to itch when i eat dark chocolate, apples, and cerain cereal.
      Thanks Suzanne

      • Hello Deepali, my diet is very simple, no grains (so obviousley no gluten! only a little white rice ones a week maybe), no corn, no legumes, no dairy (some are okay with goat or sheep milk, but definitely no cow milk – casein), no sugar (only in a form of fruit), no yeast, no nuts (some seeds are okay). So all I eat is – any kids of vegetables, potatoes too, but mostly sweet potatoes, and all sorts of clean protein grass-fed beef, turkey (no pork, some chicken, some lamb). I also use a lot of turmeric – in golden milk, in supplements, to lower inflamation and cleanse blod. I hope this helps. You can also find more helpful information adn support at this Fcaebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/237459489737710/
        Thank you for reaching out, and I am sorry for a late reply, I was very busy with work and holidays. Good luck!

    • I’ve suffered so much with this condition. I’ve gone to the ER several times a year with inflammation and pus oozing out of the spots. getting those injections are so miserable and painful. I really don’t know what to do anymore. On this coming Monday I’m gonna make an appointment with a hair specialist the specializes in hair and scalp disorders.. If he or she is albe to help me with this, I’ll send you the information.

      • Hello Yaritsa, I only got better after making dramatic changes to my diet, my self-care routine (sleep, rest, exsercise), as well as meditation/spiritual practice (whatever that means to you – walk in the park, solitude, reading, praying). You will found a lot of support on this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/237459489737710/ – it is for those suffering from LP/LPP/OLP and healing themselves holistacally. I hope the new doctor will be helpful! I do beleive that we must change our lifestyle to heal it is not only about drugs. The body needs to heal, to be given a chance to get better, to be supported by great nutrition, stress-management, improved habits.

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