Eckhart Tolle on present moment

Instead of creating expectations of what should or should not be happening, cooperate with the form that this moment takes. Bring a ‘yes’ to the isness, because it’s pointless to argue if it already is. A greater intelligence is available to you when you no longer reject, deny, or ‘don’t want’ what is.

– Eckhart Tolle

    • Hi Rio! I know, it is nice to finally get a chance to post something quick. These quotes can be so helpful and useful at times. I have been so busy with summer/back to school. Really tried to make my oldest daughter a priority, to give her some extra time before school started. She is so wonderful….so I wanted to give back. A little extra effort. But now things should settle down into a routine a bit, school is in session 😉 But it seems like August was slow for most bloggers I subscribe to, including yourself. How are things? I loved your “18 steps post” very funny indeed.


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