First time at Life Alive – had a great lunch!

On Tuesday my friend and I had an early lunch at Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe® in Cambridge. It was a first time for both of us and we really enjoyed it. I am trying to visit all vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Boston and so this one is a keeper.

It is a Vegetarian, Vegan Menu. We found the stuff to be very very helpful and patient. They took their time helping us choose and customize out meals. Both dishes were wonderful. Warm and filling on a cold November day, so satisfying….

I ordered The Adventurer bowl and added avocado, I also substituted sauce for Flaxy Nutri-Nama sauce and both of us loved it.

My friend had The Goddess and again both of us really liked it.

Atmosphere was very pleasant, we set downstairs and it was very nice and quite. Around noon people started coming in for lunch and it started to get busy.

As we were leaving at 12:30 it was really busy upstairs and the line to order was to the door!

So over all we had great time, very pleasant, helpful stuff, great food. We decided to go there for lunch at least twice a month. I can not wait to take my family to Life Alive and see what kids think. Apparently they make great smoothies – so that may be a great way to get kids in 🙂

To your Health!


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