If you Happy and you know it – good for you! so now clap your hands!

I was listening to a recorded talk by Alan Watts and one thing he said had such a deep meaning to me:

It’s one thing to be Happy and not know it;

It’s another thing to be Happy and to know it – Alan Watts

Have you looked at just how Happy you are? Have you realizes all the wonderful and subtle reasons you may be happy and not know it? Your family, your health, your children, a fulfilling job, a comfortable living, a beautiful view out of your window, a warm cosy house on a chilly night, a delicious meal, and so much more. Just look, catch yourself in the moment and see, know that you are in fact Happy!

Often in our busy wonderful lives we drift though days and never stop to appreciate our Happiness. I for one will be more vigilant now and look for that Happiness around every corner. Don’t you want to actually know that you are Happy? I know I do 🙂 That makes me Happy!

To your Health!


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