My own “warm bowl” inspired by Life Alive

Last week my wonderful friend D. suggested we have our upcoming get-together at Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe® in Cambridge (I noted that visit here).

We loved the food and had a great time definitely planning to go back regularly.

In a mean time it is getting cold and I am getting bored with being vegan and today trying to figure out what to have for lunch I remembered a delicious meal I had at Life Alive. Konstantin was at work, out teenager at the stables, and so it was just my 4-year old and I. What do I make to make he happy?!

I made my own version of Warm Bowl and she LOVED it! My toddler ate it up, taking huge spoonfuls, no pausing, finishing only when her bowl was almost empty (I never force my kids to eat if they tell me they are full and I can see that they did in fact eat).

So I already had some cooked quinoa, I just warmed it up for this dish.

The “salad” I made included finely chopped:

green and black olives
sheep feta

I also added some:

pomegranate seeds
hemp hearts
some lemon juice
olive oil

Mixed salad ingredients very well, so that everything was nicely coated with the sauce and then served over warm quinoa. OMG! my 4 year old loved it – what else can I say.

When my teenage daughter came home, she had my “warm bowl” as well, and too loved it, and said that this is now her favorite vegetarian dish!

Now, it could easily be vegan if you skip the feta. Also if I had some canned (no salt added) beans, salad greens (arugula, baby kale or baby spinach) I would add those too.

Also you can add finally chopped broccoli, cauliflower, shredded carrots, beets etc.

To you Health!






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