Learning about nutrition, food, supplements and its’ effects on one’s health, body and spirit is something I love and do all the time at every available moment, so often times I come across things and I am not even sure how I dug it up. Some things that have really profound effect on my health or my lifestyle – I love to remember how they came about. Well, I can not remember how I stumbled upon the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead “, but it did in fact have a very powerful effect on me.

The movie follows two men whose bodies have been trashed by prescription medications, steroids, obesity and illness. They embark on a challenging healing path of a two-month juice diet of fruits and vegetables, that both attempt in an effort to rescue their health. You can watch the movie here on Hulu for free – http://www.hulu.com/watch/289122

So I was absolutely inspired and started my juicing on June 3rd 2012, and while my goal was to juice for at least three days, as I figured even this would be beneficial, ideally I wanted to do 10 days, since 10 days is the shortest juicing program that the movie mentions.

I did 5 full days. I felt great especially on the day four, when all cravings have disappeared, as well as night time hunger, and I could easily and wanted to, stay juicing for longer. The reason I stopped was because I was loosing too much weight and in all the wrong places 🙂 Somehow my backside managed to hold on to whatever was there to begin with.

I did not start juicing to loose weight, but to jump start my whole system in an attempt to strengthen my immune system and lower inflammation. I did not expect to start loosing a pound a day, and even when I stopped juicing, I still lost couple more pounds. However, a week after juicing  most of the weight came back, so if my intention was in fact to lose weight, I would end up loosing only two pounds as the rest came right back. So at the end, I was only able to do five days, as the weight loss was pretty rapid (in my case there was not much to lose, at most 5 lbs and those were gone on day 4) and on the day 6 I started reintroducing solid foods in a form of fruit (as the movie suggests).

I did feel amazing! First couple of days were hard, but not until dinner time. During the day drinking a lot of water and unlimited amount of juice kept me full. And if you are wondering how much of juice is too much –  even though it tastes good, it is not something I could drink too much of.

The biggest revelation to me was to see just how attached to meals and food we are. How much of a cult eating is. I was really missing sitting down and munching on something, having a conversation over dinner. I missed the tea time my husband’s and I usually have, when we would make huge soup size cups of herbal tea and seat for an hour sometimes after kids were in beds and talk. Seeing it made me realize that eating our meals together, as a family truly does bring us all together and we should cherish and foster these opportunities, and not rush through them.

We do have more meals together as a family now…

To your Health,



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