Eckhart Tolle: Present Moment Reminder

“Do I want the present moment to be my friend or my enemy?” The present moment is inseparable from life, so you are really deciding what kind of relationship you want to have with life.” (Oneness With All Life)

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This quote is amazing and so clear. I do not think we actually think this through, connect the dots – present moment IS the life! When I try to live in the moment, to be with the moment and not try to argue or reject it, I actually do create a better life, a positive relationship with my life right there.
Not that arguing with or rejecting events in our life is of any help. It accomplishes nothing except making us miserable unhappy, bitter and unforgiving, unable to love, to hear and to understand.
I find this working great on emotional level and with feelings. When I get upset I choose to immediately see this emotion/feeling and then I have a choice, to I stay with this upsetting emotion and therefore foster and nurture this negative feeling about life or do I choose to leave it along and move my attention on to the now, the new moment which is always here, the new now, and I can choose how this new now will be.
Notice how very young children when get hurt, cry, but very briefly, they are not unhappy, they are just in pain, and as soon as the pain is gone, they are back to their usual cheerful selves. However, the older they get the harder it is fo them to stop crying and complaining about the pain even when it is gone. It is like leaving a footprint – they allow this bad incident to leave a footprint on them and they keep reliving what happened. On the other hand if we like water – nothing leaves a footprint on water, water is touched and it’s surface immediately returns to normal. Not good, nod bad – just neutral, – but I think this is a whole new post in itself.
feels like a lot of blabbering….my apologies.
To you Health!

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