My cold/flu immune system booster – Sambucol

My family does not get flu shots, not since our youngest was born (she is 4 now). We used to get them regularly and it seemed that we would get sick more often. Now we as a family are much healthier, we eat a great balanced diet full of greens, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and some fish, drink plenty of water. Exclude any allergens or foods that cause sensitivities.Work on reducing stress and overall striving for a balanced life.

Our kids do not get sick very often and not because they do not catch viruses, they do, but I have learned to be very proactive every time they feel a bit “under the weather”. I try not to let things get out or control. And I do have a little helper called “Sambucol”. It is a syrup of black elderberry and is a wonderful booster for immune system. I use it for everyone in the family. Every time one of my kids get sniffles, feels too tired, develops even the lightest signs of a cold, I immediately start giving them Sambucol. I follow directions on the box:

  • For daily maintenance during flu season, if I know there are many sick kids around in school, or if we just came home and were sneezed and coughed on by people who are sick, we all take:

Adults and Children over 4 years:
Take 2 teaspoons daily (10 ml.)

  • And if one of us does develop symptoms, and is in fact catching a cold or a flu:

Adults and Children over 4 years:
Take 2 teaspoons (10 ml.) four times daily

Directions say 4 years old and older, but I started giving it to my youngest as she turned 3.

It works like magic any time I believe the immune system needs a boost and support. Pulling teeth, traveling during the flu season, even when my 4 year-old got 4 shots at her physical last month, I immediately started her on Sambucol to help her immune system stay strong and healthy.

Ingredient list could not be any simpler or more natural: Elderberry Extract, glucose syrup, purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate (to retard spoilage).

I buy it at Vitacost and they do run out, so I stock up and store bottles in a refrigerator.



To your health!




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