NO YEAST PIZZA DOUGH (easy, organic… & yummy)

This is the most beautiful and the easiest pizza to make at home. Yeast free! Will try it with Gluten Free flour. Kids will love to make it too. Thank you Miss Marzipan!
To your health!


Miss Marzipan

Do you like your pizza “pan style”? Or do you, like me, prefer a somewhat thinner, crispier base that showcases the ingredients on top, as opposed to the dough underneath? If you like the latter (and are short of yeast!), this recipe might interest you! I am constantly on the look-out for yummy, simple, cook-from-scratch recipes, and I particularly love those with a short ingredients list that incorporates things I already have around the home. I never have yeast around the home! So, although slightly sceptical about the results of this kitchen experiment, I thought it could be worth a go. Yay for taking risks! It works! I “tested” it on my family the other night and hosted a very small get-together tonight (pre-Christmas crafting event for Operation Advent) where l provided these pizza bases and some yummy veggie toppings for the girls to design their own pizzas. By…

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