My favorite Seaweed Snack

When traveling, especially to another country, one of my favorite activities is food shopping. So last week, while on vacation on Antigua, besides hanging out at the beach, eating and participating in all kinds of fun activities, I was food shopping. A lot! I love looking, browsing, seeing what they have that we do not have and finding new interesting products.

One of them, this time, was SeaSnax Grab & Go Seaweed Snack. Apparently it is sold in US, but I have never seeing it in the stores. We have bought some there on Antigua, wasabi and olive oil flavors and both were amazing. Sodium is not too bad compare to other brands, it is GMO Free. You can see all the nutritional information on Vitacost website, where I will buy them from now on.

Rich in nutrients, seaweed provides numerous trace minerals, benefit the entire body, and is especially excellent for the thyroid, immune system, adrenals, and hormone function. has a nice summary on most popular and easily available sea vegetables.

To your health!


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