Very excited about this new supplement

Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be one spectacular year!

New Year! I love change and newness! In 2012 I finally started school and I cannot wait to start working with clients and becoming their partner in health and prevention. The great thing about starting something new (school, business, job, hobby, etc.) is that you not only get a chance to learn and grow, but most importantly to expand your horizons, meet new people, make new, interesting and exciting connections.

Studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I have indeed learned so much, and still am learning such invaluable information, I also am more open-minded than ever before, and I have made some wonderful connections as well.

jp2What a great resource for like-minded people! For a while now, I was looking for a supplement that would help me maintain healthy iron levels as well as red/while blood cell count – they have being n way off for the past year. So I asked and responses were wonderful. So much great information. One particular person I met, is a fellow student who I immediately felt a connection to and as we were discussing nutritional supplements she said she takes Juice Plus and with her whole family has been taking it for over 10 years. She is a gorgeous, vibrant woman, full of energy, who is raising a family, running a very successful business and is super happy and healthy, so I thought to myself –  I want some of that! I mean I am doing great so far 🙂 but still am on a look out for that perfect nutritional supplement for the whole family.

She told me a little bit about Juice Plus vitamins, I did some research, the information was not hard to find, apparently Juice Plus is the most researched supplement out there. So I decided to try it.

I have to do my blood work every three months, ever since March of 2012, when at my yearly check up blood work came back with extremely low Iron, and low White Blood Cells count. As healthy as I eat and with all the supplements I would take, for almost a year now I have not been able to get my blood work on track. Iron is all over the place, One test it is 49, next test it is 215 – It’s literally all over the place. White Blood Cells are consistently low.

I decided that if I am to try a new supplement which is so intensely tested and researched, as well as so highly recommended by so many doctors, why not do a little testing of my own. So on December 17th 2012 I did a full spectrum blood work and it actually came back with higher MCV – 101 (norm is 80-96, Iron indicator), normal WBC, but Low 3.87 (norm is 4.20-5.50) Red Blood Cells count. Perfect! Now I know where I stand.

We happened to be going on vacation in December and I was not going to take any of my supplements/vitamins with me and so I stopped taking everything as of the 18th and decided to give my body a break until we come back. When we come back I was going to start taking Juice Plus and after three months, when I am due for my next CBC I can see if the quality of my blood has changed for the better.

And so we are back from vacation as of December 29th, I have resumed taking Vitamin D, B-12 and EPA/DHA (Omega-3) and added my new Juice Plus pills.

So far so good. My next CBC is in March!

To your health!


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  1. So glad that you chose to support your family’s health with Juice Plus! It’s such a simple, convenient, inexpensive way to support your health through the nutrition of 25 different fruits, vegetables and berries.


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