Vitamin Supplements Associated With Increased Risk for Death




This 2011 Iowa Women’s Health Study Vitamin Supplements Associated With Increased Risk for Death is just another testament to why I put my whole family on a whole food supplementation in form of Juice Plus – their products even carry a food label as per FDA. So Juice Plus is officially classified as food!

From the article:

“We cannot recommend the use of vitamin and mineral supplements as a preventive measure, at least not in a well-nourished population,” they add. “Those supplements do not replace or add to the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and may cause unwanted health consequences”

Well, that is why to ensure a solid nutritional support for my family I happily switched to Juice Plus.

To your health,


  1. that’s environmental dr. gave me 16 bottles of vitamins .i have leaky gut syndrome from toxic mold and nexium and don’t absorb vitamins, even though i eat more vegetables than anyone, juiced for 9 months……


    • Did you find that juicing helped? what about nutrients from juices and fruits, vegetable you eat, is your body able to brake those down and get the nutrients you need?


      • no..juiced every day for 9 months in 2001 and then i couldn’t get out of bed and coughed until today, from toxic molds…been a vegetarian for 23 years and last year found 9 pages of vitamin deficiencies…the vitamins i was given by dr’s since 83, did no good either…b12 ,16000 mcg a day since 1983 and i even have a b12 deficiency…


  2. What a nightmare! I am so sorry! I had a problem with Iron, I was anemic. My blood work was all over the place for a year. my doctor ordered blood tests every 2-3 months because we could not get it under control. I actually had my Iron at 19 and in two months at 234!!!! just last Fall. my red and while blood cells were also up/down, as well as bunch of other things. So frustrating, I was also juicing to see if that would help.

    In November through the nutrition school I found out about the Juice Plus, and by that time I have tried so many supplements – from cheap to very expensive and it was clear that from them I either was getting too little or too much – the synthetic forms just were not working for me. So I went on vacation, in December, but first stopped taking everything, to cleanse my body and give it a break from all the supplements I was on. Two weeks I was off of everything and then started taking Juice Plus only to see if it will do anything, but I did do my blood work before starting it. I honestly did not think it would do much, but to my surprise, my anemia symptoms are not coming back (and there were so many before) and I feel well. I still do not take anything and I did do my blood work again after one month on Juice Plus – Iron was perfect!!! first time in over a year! everything else was fine, red blood cells were border line as well as white blood cells, but supposedly the results of taking whole-food supplement like Juice Plus are most evident after about 4 month of taking it. So I am very optimistic!

    For the last two years I have also had to take a DLPA supplement for weak, achy joints in my hands, sign of arthritis according to my doctor, but strangely enough the symptoms have not come back yet, so I have not resumed DLPA yet and hopefully will not have to.

    So it is interesting, I truly hope, with all my heart, that I have found a perfectly bioavailable nutrition in a form of Juice Plus and my body is able to now have access what it needs and to ignore what it does not….the only other supplements i do take is occasional Omega 3 (if I do not get enough hemp seed or fish in my diet) and a D vitamin.

    Do you know what blood type you are? Type O in my experience has harder time on vegetarian diet then others. One of my kids is type O and been vegetarian was not good for her at all….many problems.


  3. i hope that helps you!….no, i don’t know what blood type. i’m very ill from toxic molds and it causes bronchitis ,heart and every problem in the world… and then i started vibrating like a violin 2 years ago and the environmental dr found lyme disease ,leaky gut ,mercury poisoning ….my cardiologist already had found vit D deficiency….


    • Well, it sounds like you have plenty of help there 🙂 good luck with your healing! I am so glad you are getting the help and support you need!


      • pahzhauysta ?
        i have good drs. but i am not there. i can’t go back until it gets warm (bronchitis).
        perzigiva chai and voda are my support?
        (peach tea and distilled water)


  4. hahaha, I first thought that you said peach chi and vodka!!! LOL! water as well as vodka, in some cases, can do wonders 🙂 удачи! и если хотите попробовать эти витамины они очень хорошо помогают с воспалением (inflammation), maybe you can ask your doctor about them.


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