Paleolithic Lessons – paleo or plant-based?

Is paleo just another fad diet? I personally am not a big fan of anything extreme or too restrictive. I eat grass-fed, organic meats and eggs when I feel like it, not everyday and not because I have to. We all are too different and have totally different nutritional needs, and so while a diet may be great for one, it will not work for another, and in fact can be harmful.What we eat, our food, has the most significant impact on our health, our energy and even out emotions, so choose wisely.

In my experience, it is all about listening to your body and if you do try vegan, paleo, macrobiotic or any one of hundreds of diets out there, see how it makes you feel, pay attention to your body, to the clues it may give you. Does your skin look and feel better, healthier, less red, less irritated? You nails – strong and shiny or cracked, splitting, dry and brittle? You hair? Do you feel energised or heavier after a meal? More sustained energy, or do you crash and need a nap in a middle of a day? How is your sleep? You Digestion?

There are so many signs your body is giving you and if you just listened, you would be healthier, happier and live more fulfilling live, without relying on a diet to make you look and feel better. Besides, most “Diets” do not work long term anyway. Changes in your environment, your job, climate, seasons, level of activity, your stress levels, your age and many more – all may prompt changes in your body, where you need to adjust your diet as well as you lifestyle to stay healthy.

The most important thing is to never be rigid, and be flexible, to give yourself a permission to try, to fail, to change your mind and to try something different. You have this body to live with for many many years, so be kind to it and to yourself, treat it well and experiment, see what works and what makes you the strongest and the healthiest.

Anyway, back to the video – I particularly liked this one comment:

“One issue that is usually overlooked is whether a diet that is optimal for reproductive success is necessarily optimal for longevity. Males of many species often live fast and furious lives in order to spread their genes. It has been suggested that there is a trade off for this in the form of an earlier demise. Once longevity becomes valued over fertility a different dietary strategy might pay off such as less high energy food.

It has been noted, for example, that higher methionine intake aids fertility, but probably reduces one’s lifespan.

Meats are highest in methionine. Draw your own conclusions”

Paleolithic Lessons |

Watch the video, do your research, “draw your own conclusions” and stay healthy 🙂

To your health!


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