We are living longer, but are we healthier?

There is so much talk about how we are living longer and what an amazing achievement it is. I have to wonder though, what type of living are we talking about? Are we more vibrant, disease free, and able to take care of ourselves, or are we sick, dependent on medication, disabled and have to rely on others’ help to perform basic activities?

Growing up in Eastern Europe I always had an image of American turists as happy elderly couples with silver hair and abundant energy. They would roam through the streets and museums, cheerful and lively!

chareAs we age, are we maintaining our good health, mobility and clarity of mind or are we just prolonging lives?  Are we looking at the quality of life?


“Despite their longer life expectancy over previous generations, US baby boomers have higher rates of chronic disease, more disability, and lower self-rated health than members of the previous generation at the same age,”


Makes me sad for the majority of our population, when they are so “consumed by consumerism”, spending time and money on buying new cars, bigger homes, more clothes, more stuff, looking younger, getting skinnier…and yet are so reluctant to take even fraction of these spending and divert it to health spending, i.e. healthy diet, wholesome home cooked meals, fresh organic produce, quality grass fed meats, good supplements, making better choices for themselves and for their families. Stop worrying about your external image, appearing like you have money, being thin and younger looking, and start worrying about being healthy, mentally and physically!

Great study overview:

Baby Boomers’ Overall Health Worse Than Their Parents’.

To your health!


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