The 11 Scariest Things in Your Food – 11 more reasons to stop feeding your family processed foods!

20130211_104721I no longer feed my kids anything that is not fresh or freshly made. We do not buy anything that is prepackaged with the exception of Non-GMO natural popcorn by Angie’s (our favorite snack!) or an occasional bag of low-salt potato chips.

If girls want cookies, we go to the Gluteus Minimus a gluten-free bakery few minutes away from our house and get cookies, or cupcakes, they also have wonderful breads and loaves. You can order online too and they will ship it.

I make pancakes form Pamela’s pancake mix and the only reason I use it, is that it may be tricky to mix a perfect crepe or a pancake batter using gluten-free flours. And Pamela’s is great for a perfect crepe or a pancake 🙂

We prepare 80% of our meals at home, with an occasional take-out, from one of restaurants we trust.

We only drink water, water with lemon, or with – not from concentrate, no sugar added cranberry juice for Trader Joe’s, I add some stevia to the juice mix to sweeten it a bit for the kids. We drink a lot of herbal tea and some white and green. No soft drinks whatsoever, my husband and our oldest are both athletes and yet you will never catch them with Gatorade!


Water and good nutrition is all they need to stay strong and to recover fast. Last year, when my daughter was 13, she was already playing in 6-7 hour Volleyball tournaments and being a starter, she does not get subbed much, and yet she does great, has a lot of energy and no sugar crashes like kids who snack on sugary treats and drinks between the matches.

My husband and I, we do not drink coffee, but espresso. espresso does not effect most people in the same way as coffee does. From what I have learned, the reason is that espresso has oils in it and oil slows down absorption of caffeine therefore it enters our blood stream at a slower rate than when we drink coffee. This is still an ongoing research, but I love the taste of espresso beverages better than just coffee – so my drink of choice is Soy Latte 🙂

By eating the way we do, we are able to avoid all these nasty scary food additives you will read about in the article:

The 11 Scariest Things in Your Food | Yahoo! Health.

To your health,



    • Art thank you for stopping by! I do love that popcorn and this is the best way to share, I tell my friend to go here and find it, as picture speaks louder than words. They come, click, see and remember 😉


  1. Great post! 🙂 I am right there with you diet wise, over all anyway. 🙂
    After some disturbing research we also no longer consume any soy products, unless it is a fermented soy like miso.
    What is your thoughts on soy?


    • Hi Melissa,
      Thank you very much for visiting my website!
      Soy – for my family and for my clients I only recommend moderate amounts of fermented soy products, such as miso, natto, tempeh, some tofu. Fermenting soy creates health-promoting probiotics, the good bacteria we need to maintain our digestive and overall wellness. Unfortunately many people consume processed soy and even if organic (to avoid GMOs) I do not recommend non fermented soy products.
      Soy is most definitely not a part of my family’s daily diet and I do not go out of my way to add it to our diet. However if we feel like miso soup I will never say no! 🙂


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. Last week a physician prescribed me a narcotic for my arthritic hip pain. I asked about what I could do proactively as an alternative to alleviate my pain, and he said nothing. I did not pick up the prescription. I have reasserted my practice in making the appropriate dietary and lifestyle choices which have kept me from hip replacement for 6 years. His prescription felt like a closed door. Your blog is like a door flung open to sunshine and a nice breeze. Thank you! You have reinforced my hope!


    • Lesley thank you so much for such a wonderfully encouraging and inspiring comment. You are such an inspiration yourself, to be living with pain and looking for ways to manage it holistically. Have you thought of acupuncture? I have couple of posts on pain management:
      and will see if I can find anything else that may be helpful for you. Good luck! Blessings, Elena


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