Do You Need a Health Coach? – Fox Business

I am a Health and Wellness Coach practicing in Boston MA area, I also work with clients via Skype and phone, this article makes for a very nice introduction and an overview of what health coaches do and why.


“Physicians don’t have enough time to spend with their patients going over nutrition, lifestyle and stress reduction,” says Kerrie Martin, a holistic health and nutrition counselor and founder of health coaching practice Live In Rhythm. “Health coaches serve to fill that gap.”

I most definitely felt that void of being diagnosed and prescribed the meds to merely treat the symptoms not the disorder, I knew there had to be more I can do. I knew that at the very least I should be able to prevent it from spreading if not reverse it. My doctors did not have the information nor the time for this. Frankly the doctors did not care beyond diagnosing me, in their mind they truly could not do anything more. So I had to become my own Health Coach, researching, analyzing, studying, trying, changing and adjusting on my way to finding the perfect balance. Now I am asymptomatic. It is easy to see the symptoms of my disorder  – 4 years ago I have been diagnosed with both Lichen planus and lichen planopilaris (LPP), a follicular form of lichen planus, is a rare inflammatory lymphocytemediated disorder Planus. A condition that effects the skin so I immediately could see it getting worse as well as it improving.

 According to Dr. Roger Jahnke, chief executive of consulting and training firm Health Action, which uses the The Circle of Life Health & Wellness Coaching Method, the fact that they aren’t doctors is a benefit for the people seeking health coaches. “People with medical degrees think about health intervention,” says Jahnke. “It’s an allusion that medicine is prevention–it’s intervention. Prevention is people taking care themselves.” Jahnke details health coaches support participants by creating and executing a plan–not telling them a generic plan that doesn’t take into account different situations and life parameters. “The coach is there to support a person making reasonable plan.”

Read the whole article via Do You Need a Health Coach? | Fox Business. – it is small but very informative.

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