Low vitamin D levels may increase risk of type 1 diabetes – Harvard School of Public Health

Another great research from Harvard School of Public Health.

Could such a simple preventative solution as taking vitamin D supplement, be able to prevent development of a serious autoimmune disease, in this case type 1 diabetes?


Being a health coach I first and foremost my clients’ partner in prevention. I also have an autoimmune disorder and am very serious about right kind of supplements. I need to stay ahead of the game and ensure healthy balanced immune system to keep my disorder asymptomatic and stay healthy. Instead of guessing if my family and I, as well as my client, can in fact get necessary nutrients from food, I prefer to have reassurance of taking some basic supplements, such as vitamin-D, Omega-3, K-2 and Juice Plus. These are absolutely a must-have in my opinion.

The study will appear in the March 1 print edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Harvard School of Public Health » HSPH News » Low vitamin D levels may increase risk of type 1 diabetes.

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