Gluten-Free for the Gluten Sensitive –

My whole family has been gluten-free since 2010. No one has celiac, I have gluten sensitivity and knowing that there are so many people with some level of gluten intolerance, I decided that it is best to just stay away from it. In my experience most people I advise to go gluten-free do benefit from it in one way or another, from loosing weight to clearing skin conditions, it is definitely worth the try.

Should you go gluten-free? I would try it at least for a week and see how you feel. The article below, by Kenneth Chang sparked my interest, and is a good read if you are thinking of going gluten-free.

Kristen Golden Testa could be one of the gluten-sensitive. Although she does not have celiac, she adopted a gluten-free diet last year. She says she has lost weight and her allergies have gone away. “It’s just so marked,” said Ms. Golden Testa, who is health program director in California for the Children’s Partnership, a national nonprofit advocacy group.

Lou Beach

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