Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

When a client with a toothache called, asking me what she can do, I advised oil pulling. After couple of days she called to express her gratitude, as after only first time she felt better, and on day three the pain, swelling and inflammation were gone. She did oil puling twice a day. Typically I would advise her to see a doctor, but she did not want to go to a doctor yet, the pain was not severe with very light swelling.

I myself have been doing oil puling for only about two month and I absolutely love the experience, the routine and the results. I was planning to write about this wonderful method, but have not had time to and today came across his great article from MindBodyGreen.com:

Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detox and rejuvenation. It’s a simple practice, with quite remarkable results. Many have heard of it, but never actually dove in to try it. It definitely has a mystical and exciting vibe around it, which made me eager to try. But what exactly is it? What does it do?
In a (coco)nut shell:
To oil pull, simply swish your choice of unrefined, high quality oil in your mouth; similar to the way you would use a mouthwash. My favorite is coconut oil. This can be done anywhere from five to 20 minutes. The process attracts and removes bacteria, toxins, and parasites that live in your mouth or lymph system, and also pulls congestion and mucus from your throat and loosens up your sinuses, which is amazing! With the help of your saliva, all these scary undesirables bind with the oil, ready to be disposed of. Pulling also helps re-mineralize your teeth and strengthen your gums by thoroughly cleansing the area. This sounds good, right? But how exactly do you do it?
Traditionally, oil pullers used virgin sesame oil. The reason I prefer to use raw coconut oil is because it has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and enzymatic properties. This provides the added benefit of killing any unwanted bacteria that may be residing in the mouth, while leaving behind healthy probiotic strains. A perfect exchange!
To start, scoop ½ to 1 full tablespoon of oil into the mouth; if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt. Now push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. You don’t want the oil getting in contact with your throat because it’s now carrying somewhat toxic material. No gargling!
Have fun with it, though! Hum a little song, or practice deep breathing through your nose. Allow this to be a sacred time. Enjoy the feeling of cleansing, the relaxation with the absence of talking. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of smiling with a mouth full of oil. Something about it just feels so right!
Once your time pulling is over, spit into the trash or toilet, but never the sink — the oil could solidify and clog your drain. Now rinse your mouth out with clean water two or three times. Finally, drink a glass of water and relax. You should be feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
Why oil pull? A popular reason for oil pulling is to find relief from congestion in the sinuses and throat. It is unbelievable how quickly this happens! Immediately after rinsing, you will find yourself blowing your nose and clearing your throat. I have worked with people struggling with chronic sinus congestion who experienced relief unlike anything else, after oil pulling only once! Their condition improved and the congestion eventually went away completely.
I began pulling to benefit my gums and teeth, which used to be extremely sensitive. My gums strengthened, and teeth became much whiter! It also proved to be beneficial to my skin, which cleared up dramatically, and became bright and almost glowing. Swishing with coconut oil has also proven to be beneficial to those with skin disorders such as psoriasis, and is great for anyone who wants to detox and begin taking better care of their immune system.
Oil pulling can be done at any time of the day, but for a more thorough detox, its best to do this in the morning, before eating or drinking. If you are having a hard time fitting oil pulling into your routine, I’ve found a nice time to do this is while in the shower. This way, you aren’t counting the clock until the minutes are up; simply spit when your shower is done.
I hope you enjoy this healing, divine and sensual experience as much as I do. Love the oil. Love the process. Happy pulling!
Tty this sometime, I thing you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂
To your heath!

Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7857/why-you-should-start-oil-pulling-today.html 
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

  1. This is really amazing! I have tried this twice – once with sesame oil and once with coconut. I prefer coconut – my mouth and teeth feel so clean, and already my teeth look whiter. Thanks Elena!


    • Oh Collette I am so happy you tried this! I too love doing it and on my own experience I have found that it is an anti-inflammatory too. Happy to be useful 😉


    • Hi Deanna,
      I actually get mine at COSTCO now, but used to buy it online. You want to make sure it is pure, unrefined, cold pressed and organic extra virgin. The one COSTCO has is by Carrington Farms, they have a website carringtonfarms.com. Some grocery stores do have health food section and may carry it as well.
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will find coconut oil online or at your local health food store and enjoy this oil pulling practice.


      • All righty. I found some at Shop N Save (yeah, money-saving!). One more (maybe silly) question. Should I brush &/or floss right before I do it? Does it make a difference?


      • Hi Deanna! I am so happy you are giving it a try! And keep in mind, even if for whatever reason you do not stick with it, you can always cook with the coconut oil! It is best for high heat cooking on the stove! I only cook with it.
        Now, it is best to do oil pulling in the morning, before you do anything else. Oil pulling pulls all the toxins out and so I do not even drink before I do it. I usually check my email while oil pulling :), then after 20min I spit it out into the sink while running hot water (it may solidify, so some recommend spitting it into the toilet) and at that point I brush and floss. Then I go get my big glass of water with a bit of lemon and drink 🙂
        Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!


    • Hi Heather! It is great to do any time, but the best time is in the morning because while we are sleeping production of saliva is decreased, mouth gets dry and accumulates the most bacteria and so if you do oil pulling first thing in the morning, oil will pull all the toxins and bacteria out more effectively than brushing. Thank you for stopping by!


    • Brush after! Oil pull first thing, before you eat/drink/brush 🙂 to get all the bacteria, toxins out first.
      Thank you for asking and for stopping by!


    • Yes, I love coconut oil, great for cooking, as a moisturizer, I brush my teeth with it (mixed with baking soda and salt), oil pulling….great stuff!


    • I am sure you will love it! Although I myself do not get to do it daily, I do it as much as I can and it is great! First time is a bit strange, but even if you can not do full 20 minutes, it gets easier every time. Can not wait to hear how it goes!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!


      • HI Elena, here I am again! So I tried it with coconut oil, twice this weekend! it did actually feel really great when I was done. I was telling a girlfriend about it today and she was totally grossed out by it, but so was I when I first read it. Anyway just wanted to say I’m going to try it out for a full month . I recently had my wisdom teeth taken out so I’m already giving my mouth extra attention, why not a bit more. Thank you for posting it.


      • This is awesome! I am so happy you liked it and that you do pay more attention to your oral health! This will help to lower inflammation, and to help you heal. I love the taste of the coconut oil, so I did not feel too weird about swooshing it in my mouth 🙂
        After doing it for few days you will actually see your teeth whiter too! That is a nice side effect. Can not wait to hear how you do!!! Have fun! Elena


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