Gluten Goodbye: One-Third Of Americans Say They’re Trying To Shun It : NPR

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Balzer says. “Right now 29 percent of the adult population says, ‘I’d like to cut back or avoid gluten completely.’

That is amazing! one-third of population is gluten-free. Have you tried it yet?!

One word of caution – gluten-free does not automatically make the product healthy! Most of processed and packaged gluten-free foods are still loaded with sugar! Look at the ingredients list, if buying baked goods, make sure it is as simple as the list of ingredients on the bread I buy: Organic Millet Flour, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Filtered Water, Baking Powder and Sea Salt. – from DeLand Bakery, can be ordered online, but I buy it at Whole Foods. The smaller and simpler the list the better and less processed the product. I do not buy prepackaged cookies for instance, even if gluten-free, I go to Glutenus Minimus, a local gluten-free bakery and buy few cookies and that is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. If we want pizza, we order gluten-free at pizza at Stone Hearth Pizza and it is wonderful, made from scratch all natural ingredients. Being a health coach in Boston, MA area these are some of my favorite places for freshly made gluten-free treats.


So while there is an abundance if gluten-free packaged food options in your supermarket, that is not where you want to shop. Yes, buy brown-rice pasta there, but most of your food should come from the produce section of your supermarket (farmers market even better, to buy local and support your loca farmers). The best diet is pant-based and seasonal, if you like your eggs buy cage-free, your meats and poultry grass-fed, and organic as much as possible.

I think this huge rise in gluten-free population is a sign that more people find this diet to be easy to follow, as long as you base it not on simple carbs (bread, pasta, pizza, baked goods), but on vegetables and fruits with an addition of former, and not the other way around. Add pasta to your vegetables and not vegetables to your pasta 🙂 Make huge salads and have them with a bit of rice and some fish, instead of a huge bowl of pasta (even if gluten-free) with a bit of a salad and a huge chunk of meat.

via Gluten Goodbye: One-Third Of Americans Say They’re Trying To Shun It : The Salt : NPR.

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