Slideshow! Raw or Cooked: Which Vegetables Are Healthier? | Yahoo! Health

I love a great visual and this one from Yahoo health is really nice .

Raw or Cooked: Which Vegetables Are Healthier?

beetWhat I did not know is that beets lose more than 25 percent of their folate when cooked. Eating them raw will preserve this brain compound. Beets are great, very important part of a Russian diet, beet soups, beet salads, etc. I do make raw beet juice in the summer when we juice daily, but now will try and find some great raw beet recipes.

 Please see the full slideshow here  – Raw or Cooked: Which Vegetables Are Healthier? | Yahoo! Health

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  1. Plenty or instructions for beet kvass on the web. Simple, nutritious, ready in just a few days and I love it~!


    • Argus thank you so much for stopping by my website! And thank you for the idea! I have actually never heard of beet kvass and I am from Russia, where kvass was sold on the streets like lemonade when I was growing up. Can not wait to find a good recipe and make it!

      Thank you again 🙂


      • Good lick! Oops, good luck! Let me know if you want a recipe, I can copy-and-paste to here as a comment (if you like).


      • Sure! why not! Thank you Argus! I have found so many recipes online, that I just need to choose one and try it. Already bought the beets 🙂 But if I have your recipe I can just go with it!
        Thank you,


      • Done~!

        This is adapted from the recipe I hauled in and modified. I’ve fine-tuned it to suit me, you would be well advised to do likewise …

        1/2 gallon mason jar
        tools as apt

        ▪ 3 medium or 2 large organic beets, peeled and chopped up coarsely
        ▪ 4 teaspoons sea salt (per jar)
        ▪ filtered water

        Place beets and salt in a jar (2 quarts).
        Add filtered water to fill the container (i.e. fully cover the beets).
        Stir well and cover securely. Keep at room temperature for 2 days before transferring to refrigerator.

        When most of your beet kvass (the liquid) has been drunk you may top up the container again with water and keep at room temperature for another two days. The resulting brew will be slightly weaker than the first.
        After the second brew, discard the beety bits and start again.

        I leave mine a week before straining the liquid to another jar and popping it in the fridge. It’s mix and match, trial and error to you get it right. Drink it from a good wine goblet—somehow doing so makes it even better …

        Very refreshing and is actually good for you!


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