Exercise is an integral part of a healthy living!

Exercise is a huge part of my life, but I have not really talked much about it here. Exercise is not only an important part of my life, but it is an integral part of a healthy living. From now on I will place a larger focus on it and write more about the importance of movement. You fitness level, your strength, flexibility, all affect the quality of your life, but also have direct impact on your life expectancy.

I love exercising and being active. For me to be healthy, means to be in shape, strong and fit – movement, healthy eating, social life and a spiritual practice, are all components of a healthy balanced lifestyle.


I love tennis, yoga, going for bike rides with my family, walking, weight lifting, Pilates, Zumba and Spin classes – these are all the activities I enjoy and the variety keeps me interested, so I never get bored with my exercise routine.

Group classes such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Spin are fun and readily available at most gyms.

Weight training is a must and hugely beneficial, but this is not something to start on your own! Beginners should always take at least one lesson with a personal trainer to make sure they do weight lifting correctly, and have a good form to prevent injury. One of my friends who is a personal trainer wrote this great article Weight Training Basics: Lifting Smarter Not Heavier! and I found it very helpful.

Spring is a great time to start a new exercise routine. Challenge yourself! Get outside, get moving, get healthy!

To your health,



  1. This is the one area I have not gotten back in touch with. At least not regularly. I will do great one week, then get busy and tired the next and completely bail out. But, I have read about 30 things in the past two days that have reminded me that I need to get my behind off the couch (though in reality I haven’t been on the couch that much!). So, I start again…


    • I know how you feel, if I did not find things that I really love doing as far as fitness activities, I would not be doing anything, and just writing/working all day 🙂 Finding right activity is the key I think, even if it is just walking while listening to your favorite book on tape or music.
      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for the Like on my blog, Elena. Gorgeous blog you have here, and very informative!


    • Well Boost Vitality, you are a doctor! You have to lead by example 😉 But seriously, thank you so much for sopping by my blog!


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