Peace – morning pages on Easter Sunday morning

Finally, I had time to type up the first part of my particularly special experience with morning pages. I have not edited this text, so naturally, it will be confusing as you will not know what it is I am talking about, but it is a great example of how the process of morning pages goes…just rumbling on and on. This particular day was just especially creative, so I decided to present it here as a sample and this is the first half of it, first three pages, the other three pages I posted separately as they seemed particularly interesting on their own.

Not happy, everyone is sleeping, Sasha is sleeping and I am NOT!
Missing a perfect opportunity to sleep, but stuff keeps popping up in my head. Lapa is gone, no one to wake us up! no reason to get up early! He is missed, but I am sure he is happier and more needed where he is now.
Farm, fish, warm outside; it made me smile, thinking of warm weather.
Need to call Natasha call day care, ask when she is gone in August. Need to figure out how many days Sasha will go to her. I think we need to keep one day, Tuesday, but for the whole summer. Last year I think we did it, Sasha would take tennis everyday and loved it, but Tuesday she missed it. While she was at tennis, I would go to the wall.
Vicky gave us the most amazing close for Sasha for the next winter, beautiful stuff, plus shoes. What an amazing friends we have!
Website – working, and I think improving it!
Meditation 🙁 not doing it! so bad. really wanted to! why not?! I really really want to do it.
The “battleship” game! Loved it. Need to buy one for us to play and also “go” game, I think – Nikita and I really liked playing it.
I think we should take Sasha out of school July/August! Need to think. Want to do right by Natasha, but there are more cons than pros to keeping Sasha at s chool.The only con is me having a day off, the pros – save money, more flexibility for us to do stuff, break for Sasha, more tennis, maybe soccer, gymnastics, swimming.
I think I heard Sasha walking around…after 8 – they are all still sleeping. Konstantin has to get up around 9:15 to go to Fred. Nikita will want to go to the farm.
Konstantin’s fish with vegetables was the best. What to eat today? Need to start slimming down! Maybe need to run one day, do some weights another day? but when? bring Sasha with me! I could go with her on Monday to do weights! Tuesday – power yoga, Wednesday tennis and then yoga! Shower after tennis, then yoga. 9-9:30 weights, 9:30-10:30 tennis, 10:30-11:30 shower, 12 yoga! Great day! Thursday tennis, Friday weights, Sat/Sun – run.
Mon – weights w/ Sasha
Tue – how yoga
Wed – weights/tennis/shower/yoga
Thur – tennis
Fri – weights (while S. is swimming)
Sat/Sun – run
I have a schedule for working out! can not wait to start. Should go put it in the calendar.
Need to send out invitations to all invited to the Birthday.
I like this writing, thoughts, pause, looking, nothing, nothing to think about! blog? how happy and light my mind is with nothing to think about. I can make it think! I was laying there, writing, bracelet, blanket, gray.
what do I want?

So as you can see it is a process of dumping/writing down everything that comes to mind.
I have to say that things that came out of that writing, have actually worked out as written – one big dilemma – our youngest’s day care summer schedule was changed as I wanted – we all are very happy with it (after weeks of agonizing about it). My workout schedule also suddenly came out of this writing and I did stick with it (except for running :)). I am buying those two games I have mentioned – the “battleship” and “connect 4” (it was not a “go” as I thought) for us to enjoy playing as a family.
I hope this answers some of your question about morning pages.
To your health,

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