Gratitude to my doctor – Dr. Mark Mincolla

This evening, as I was reading blogs and posts of people with autoimmune diseases, it broke my heart to see how much suffering, pain, and hopelessness is out there.

The scary thing is that over time one autoimmune issue seems to lead to another, and as I was reading these stories I felt so overwhelmingly grateful for being under the care of Dr. Mincolla. I consider him my doctor, my teacher and he is also my inspiration. He has helped so many people who I personally know, and so many more that I do not.

I met him 3 years ago on July 16, 2010, and he has not just changed the course of my health, but also a course of my life. He stopped the disease from spreading, he prevented deterioration of my health, he actually improved my health and balances out my immune system, but most importantly he showed to me the power of nutrition and emotional health on our wellbeing.

When I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus and Lichen Planopilaris, and told by doctors that there is no cure, and that my skin, which never ones even had a pimple, will be permanently damaged with rashes, brown spots (when rash temporarily goes away spots stay) and scarring (permanently loosing hair) on my scalp, eventually losing all my hair.

My whole adult life I was absolutely healthy. I was a very sick child and my mom (I am overflowing with love and gratitude for this woman) has nurtured me to health. I had an “incurable” kidney disease and was confined to bed every winter with severe lower respiratory tract infections. Up until I was seven years old, my mom had to wake me up every night, for me to go to the bathroom, as otherwise, I would wet my bed. My nose would bleed profusely, regularly and for no apparent reason. My mother raised me on a strict diet conducive to kidney health, I would drink special herbal teas, drinks, and potions daily, she used homeopathy, herbal medicine, and natural remedies to heal me, and when I left Russia in 1991 I had no signs of any diseases or infections. All my life in the US I have been a picture of health.

So when in 2010 I was diagnosed with this skin disease, I knew there had to be more I can do than just bathe myself in cortisone and steroids.

I have heard of Dr. Mincolla and now I had no other options. I came to see him, he put me on a very strict diet and in a week, before I had a chance to use any of the homeopathic/herbal meds he prescribed (I ordered them all online) all the redness was gone, the rush that eventually spread over my whole body from neck to feet was no longer red, no longer inflamed.

For rush to go away it took about a year, and with time, after additional visits and slight changes to my diet and my prescriptions, even brown spots that all dermatologists told me will never leave, cleared up.

I got better! I felt great, my skin looked great, life happened, I got very busy, started school to learn more about the power of nutrition, to be able to educate others; and failed to go back to see Dr. Mincolla for almost a year. My skin is still perfect, but my scalp has few new flare-ups, so I know somewhere I fell off the wagon…

I did not stay on top of my own health. That is when I knew, that no matter how much I learn, how much I know and what I can teach others, I myself (like most of us) still need a guide, an advisor, someone who can listen, stay objective and support me on my way to a stronger me, better health, balanced immune system, and of course ideal nutrition for what my body needs at that particular stretch of my life.

For as I have understood from all these years of working with Dr. Mincolla, from studying effects of nutrition, spirituality, relationships, exercise, etc. on our health, is that our energy is ever-changing. We change, move, evolve and so our body’s needs change and evolve with us, our nutritional needs change and evolve as well! They depend not only on environmental changes such as the seasons, our location; or on our physical aspects like our age, our gender, and our fitness level but also on our emotional health, our stress levels, our relationships, our finances, our careers, our spiritual practice. In my experience, if I do not keep up with these changes if I do not adjust – I lose!

And so again I feel so grateful to Dr. Mincolla and so blessed to have found this passion for helping others along this way, of being their guide on the road to reaching their goals, just like I have my guide Dr. Mark MIncolla.

To your health,


  1. Gratitude to you too, Elena, for sharing so much good information and advice. My own health is improving through following your advice…and this week in NY I saw old friends who were exclaiming over how wonderful I look…. Thank you!


    • Collette, this is great! I am so happy that you are finding the info I post helpful! Feeling good is great, but looking good does not hurt either 😉
      Thank you for stopping by,


  2. Love this! I truly believe nutrition and homeopathic living are so much better for us than man-made chemicals and drugs. This is how I take care of my family and I’m glad there are others out there that understand the benefits.


    • Thank you Teresa, I agree it is so wonderful to connect with like-minded people and this is a great platform to learn, share and connect.
      I appreciate you visiting my blog,


      • I’m sorry, but your difference feature looks entirely made up… I’m not accusing you. I just know how to make things disappear in artwork, and this looks very much like that kind of job…


      • I understand…and I would never compromise my integrity 🙂 Besides, I have a ton of pictures on internet where people could see how flawless my skin is now. How silly would it be of me to be faking these for this post.


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