Inspired by a salad

I am sitting here waiting for my 4 year old to finish her gymnastics class and eating by beautiful, colorful salad (arugula, red bell pepper, olives, avocado, and perfectly ripe mango with turkey breast on top). I had a very busy day, it is 4pm now and this is my lunch. I was famished, but did not have time to eat, just made a quick salad to have during Sasha’s class.

13 -002

similar salad, but with strawberries, blackberries and yellow bell pepper in place of mango and red pepper.

As I am sitting here with this fresh, colorful, crunchy salad, all organic and full of nutrients, a little girl walks in with her mother and her brother, the girl is about 7 and her brother is in the same class as Sasha, so probably about 5 years old. They walked in holding these paper plates full of macaroni and cheese (just like last week). I could not help but feel this guilt for eating so healthy, looking at these little kids eating junk. I wondered if they have ever tried a salad or even been offered one.

And then this overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me, for being able to raise my kids in a healthy, wholesome way. It is not about good grades, beauty, athleticism, hight IQ or even healthy diet. It is about having an ability to be open, to learn, to practice and to live with an open healthy mind, spirituality, love, compassion and joy. To be able to see and  be grateful for the beauty around us, to be able to stay with it and to experience and live through everything we are faced with

Panache Desai sais that life is not about learning lessons, it is about experiencing it, experiencing the life. Good or bad – we have to live it, we have no choice, feelings and emotions are meant to be experienced and lived through. There are no lessons to be learned from death of a loved one, or from an illness, yet we have no choice but to experience it. No matter how hard it is, we must live though these things and not just try to hide these emotions, feelings behind medication. What does medication do? it simply numbs you, but where do the feelings go? They are suppressed  they are still there, never felt, never experienced and waiting in the shadows like Debbie Ford would say.

I am truly Blessed for I know I have been given an opportunity to raise my kids with understanding of the deep connection of body, mind and spirit, of experiencing life at its’ best and its’ worst and for being grateful, kind and compassionate.

And what about those other kids? All I can see for myself to do, is to continue to share my knowledge and to walk the talk.

To your health,


  1. You are an inspiration! I am totally guilty of occasionally feeding junk food to my kiddos. However, I am working towards a healthy journey now as all of my kids have allergy and eczema. 😦


    • Hello seven2seven mom,
      You know I have nothing against mac and cheese, and on occasion it is fine, but I do try and stay away from the processed kind, in the box. Kids should be kids and it is nice for them not to feel totally left out, so if they have pizza at a party it is okay with me. But my 14 year old now can make the choice herself – gluten in her case = eczema, so sometime she chooses not to have that pizza.
      Both my kids have eczema and some allergies. The older one had a really bad flare-up this winter 😦
      With little one (4yo) same thing – she eats wheat, or too much sugar – the spot on her arm gets itchy and red.
      Good luck with your kids! I will write about eczema at some point, just need to find time 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by!


      • Oh great, look forward to your post on eczema. I am not sure if it is sold in where you live, but I try to sneak in Olivenol, which is an Olive Oil supplement, as well as some Virgin Coconut Oil (half teaspoon twice a day) into their diet now. Someone else told me to try using Oat to bathe them. My 2nd child is the one with really severe eczema and we have tried all sorts of steroids, before discovering that certain trigger food elimination and enhancing wellbeing is just much more effective to nip the problem at the root. 🙂


      • Same here, tried everything, until finally completely clearing it up for both of them – but again with elimination diet. And it changes with age, what worked before does not work now, it is all about trial and error. But now their skin is clear, so if they eat something that triggers it, we all know, they see/feel it 🙂 and we can make sure and avoid it.


    • Thank you so much Cindy! I do love your blog, it is beautifully written with great pictures! And I am totally jealous of the fact that you have a garden 🙂
      Farmer’s Market is my second best…now that it is spring here I am so happy to have markets coming back for the summer! Thank you for visiting, Elena


  2. Your observations are so true. I enjoyed reading this post because now both my daughters are fending for themselves at university I’ve been amazed at how they are eating healthily and not gone down junk food route. It’s made all those hours cooking over hot stove worth it!


  3. That looks delicious. Eating healthily always leaves me feeling happier and with lots of energy. On days where I slip and fill up with crisps or biscuits my body doesn’t feel so good 🙂


    • Seonaid I am the same way! I do try and eat 80% of the time just right, and then 20% of the time it is okay to have treats, things I crave or just a great meal that is not so healthy 🙂
      But when I have that not so healthy meal, I do feel it, always! Thank you for stopping by! Elena


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