John Stewart describes how the Monsanto Protection Act came to be

I have no idea how I have missed this one, but this video is great! The best, the funniest and the saddest video all at the same time about our government, congress and GMO!


To your health,


  1. thank you for this! I need to look up more John Stewart. I always forget how incredible he is. Also, thanks for that creepy Big Mac hypnotism. I’m a vegetarian, but suddenly I want to eat over-processed mystery meat in a convenient paper wrapper for under $4….


    • Hi Kaycie! John Stewart is awesome! But wait…what Big Mac hypnotism? you are scaring me 🙂 what did I do?! last thing I want is to send a message that red meat is good for you! LOL


      • There was a second video. it must have been an add associated with the youtube post. I figured you put it there to be cheeky and ironic!! haha


      • I don’t think you understand the amount of credit I give you for just being you! 🙂 Love your blog, so glad we are in the wordpress family together. It’s my online tribe and I love it.


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