Ontario Canada. Vacation in pictures.

My husband, our two daughters and I, drove to Ontario Canada to spend a week with dear old friends.

They have a 150 acre farm and grow organic crops. Beautiful vacation and according to our 14 year old the best one ever. Indeed, no words to describe it, and so I wanted to share just a few images from the wonderful time we had.

If you click on an image a slide show will open…

Thank you for being a part of my world. I truly appreciate and value my readers and am grateful for been able to share my life with you.

To your health,


    • It was a wonderful vacation indeed! We already miss it 😦 The most beautiful country and so peaceful!! My oldest loves horses and is actually a very accomplished rider, we actually would love to go to your neck of the woods to some farm where we all can ride and just chill! Thank you so much for stopping by!


      • we are so glad you enjoyed your vacation Elena! 🙂 Thank s for the nice comments….which are pretty good considering you come from such a beautiful country yourself! 🙂


    • Deni!!! I miss you! Miss out talks! We were near Peterborough and had a great time! I hope you guys has a great time too! We went for the 4th of July week and weather was amazing!


  1. Glad you enjoyed a great summer vacation here in Ontario. Your photos look like my neck of the woods near Rice Lake (east of Peterborough, Ontario). Thanks for sharing Elena.



  2. We have wonderful memories of Ontario as well. I wish we could have gone back this summer! Your photos do a wonderful job of capturing the beauty there.


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