I Need to Vent!

I apologize in advance, but I am not holding anything back in this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Another unbelievable consultation!

Blows my mind how ignorant some people are about effects of stress and diet on their health! How many times I have heard: “but I eat same stuff my whole life and nothing happened before!” or “I have a stressful life! ever since I can remember I am under stress, so why now it is a problem?!”

Stress builds up! And I can not even tell you how many people I meet who truly do believe that they eat healthy, and they do not see how their bodies are telling them otherwise!

You eating the same foods with no problem for years – and your body, your amazing body your amazing immune system is doing its job year after year, fighting the food sensitivities or even allergic reactions, the inflammation caused by same “bad for you” foods, not enough nutrients, not enough variety, too much sugar, processed foods, GMO, yeast, gluten, dairy, to many medications (steroids, cortisone, hormones, antibiotics), etc….and at some point things may escalate and your body may not be able to handle the abuse!

That is what happened to me – very stressful ย career that I grew to hate, problems at home,ย two pregnancies in a row, C-section,ย nursing for two years, – all within three years, poor diet full of take-out, fast and processed foods (mind you my whole life I though I was eating healthy!) – and finally my body broke down – I was not paying attention to subtle signals it was sending me and finally it had to get my attention. I was going bold! Loosing my beautiful hair (thick, healthy, gorgeous had of hair) due to scarring tissue forming on my scalp from an autoimmune disorder, while at the same time ย my body was covered from my neck to my toes in hideous itchy red goosebumps-like rash (and I have never in my like even had a pimple!) – two related autoimmune disorders – Lichen planus (body) and Lichen planopilaris (scalp). That indeed got my attention!

We don’t even know that we are abusing our bodies with too much exercise, or no exercise at all! bad diets! deficient nutrition! wrong supplements! (how many think that soy is a health food?! wrong! not for everyone!), stress – work, kids, relationships, money, traffic, negativity – most of us do not know how to let go!!! so it all builds up! – and you say why now???? at some point shit hits the fan and you end up with an array of health issues that could have so easily been prevented.

Stress and unhealthy (for your particular body) diet over time cause prolonged inflammation known as chronic inflammationย and subsequent tissue destruction. Google it! Latest research shows that not only cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders, diabetes, allergies, obesity, etc, but even depression and heat disease are all caused by chronic inflammation. Could chronic inflammation be in fact a root cause of all disease? There definitely plenty of research on this! But what a range ย – from eczema to cancer! Don’t you think it worth some consideration?

Interestingly enough chronic inflammation is pretty simple to prevent and to treat. I did it for myself and for many others! – you just need to help your body, your immune system to heal, by giving it a break, by respecting it, getting rest, sleep; good balanced nutrition full of micronutrientsย via plant based (I did not say you have to be vegan or even vegetarian) diet; finding ways to let go, forgive and slow down and lower the stress in your life (there are so many ways!), surround yourself with people who make you happy, who you love, enjoy and respect and limit interaction with those that do not.

Do more of what gives you joy with those who bring you joy :)

Do more of what gives you joy with those who bring you joy ๐Ÿ™‚

And most importantly find your rhythm – do not worry about finding balance! Balanced life is impossible to achieve – life is a flow not a balancing act! balance you nutrition not your life! balance your workout schedule and not your work/family situation – this week may be busy at work and so enjoy, make money, be all you can be, but next week when work is slow make sure to enjoy your family just with as much passion ย – no balance, just going with it….

To your health,


  1. You are quite right, hands up to you. I would like to add that when the life I once lived came to an end I found God gave me the strength to keep going as if a little light shined, or at least I believe it is God at the helm who is the teacher in my life. I was diagnosed with cancer in 05, was flooded with a positive flow of healing as I made a choice to not have surgery, negativity hit and I had surgery, I quit seeing doctors in 06 and have been healing ever since. My diet, exercise, etc. changed, but I had to reenter the working world where stress is a fact of life, learning to separate ones self from it is hard. I have plans of an early retirement at which time my house/property of 1 acre will be paid for. My means of survival will be minimal and my hope is that my little farm will be in full swing for sustainability. This is where I am most happy at, but getting there requires several more years at the grinding wheel, while keeping the worries out not letting them build. A good approach I find is believing that one can heal. Healing to me means one does not die, but changes as the world spins. I do admit more variety of foods and rest inside my body I need. I don’t look at exercise but find enjoying a good bike ride once did wonders as well as swing my scythe.


    • Sounds like a wonderful life to me ๐Ÿ™‚ God gave you a job to be grateful for because you are able to stay there through your retirement while learning to accept or not to accept ๐Ÿ˜‰ growing and learning! He made you healthier and wiser by giving you cancer to also learn from and experience – and that is why we are all here I think – to experienceTHIS life. To take care of this body that was given to us …You have a beautiful path and I love that you have this wonder of such joy awaiting, living on off of your own land, in peace.
      By the way as far as exercise – all we need is to move. Movement is an essential part of our existence and as long as we find ways to move the body in ways we enjoy – working in your garden, doing yoga, walking, biking, playing tennis, running, swimming….it is all good!


    • Rob thank you so much for such a great comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ I by the way have found a great resource for me – in your blog! Thank you for visiting and for by default introducing me to Renovating Your Mind!


      • Cool Elena. My pleasure. Thank you for the compliment. You made my Monday even better. To our future for spreading the “word”.

        Have a great week Elena.


  2. Reblogged this on Barbara Scoville, LCSW and commented:
    Dear friends,
    Love this post from Elena Selivan about the dangers of inflammation in the body due to unhealthy living and stress. I especially like what she says about seeking rhythm rather than balance. It’s a fresh way of looking at finding peace in our daily lives. Everybody needs to vent sometimes especially about the things that are most important to us. You go Elena!!!
    Until next time, may you find your cup half full ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Someone I love very much honestly believes eating greasy foods, overly processed foods, all meats and potatoes hardly any vegetables has nothing to do with his terrible arthritis problems. It pains me to be around him sometimes, I can’t watch him at meal times, know that what he puts into his body is a huge part of his suffering. I have tried to educate, but I just get shut down. It’s very difficult…kind of like watching a drug addict in a downward spiral ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I just have to make sure I take care of my body and set a good example for others in my life…especially my future children!

    vent anytime, I needed it too!


    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Kaycie you are so right! That is the only way we can educate sometimes, is by setting personal example. I find that most people are not ready to make changes and so all I can do is work and support those that are. My job is fulfilling enough if I can only support myself and my family, and if anyone wants to jump on board – good for them! ๐Ÿ™‚


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