Can Pesticides Be Washed Off? Organic or Conventional?

Organic or conventional produce? I get asked this question all the time.  I do encourage everyone to add leafy greens and vegetables to every single meal, if you want to do one thing to improve your diet and your health – this is it! But what should you choose? Organic or conventionally grown produce?

The best thing is just to add more vegetables to your diet, if you can make most of them organic, so much better than!  I hope this video makes it clear why I try to buy mostly organic:

To your health,




  1. Fascinating! All this information was new to me. Thank you Elena.

    Patients tell me that they can’t afford organic prices in their budget. I tell them look at EWG web site for the dirty dozen. At least try to purchase organic with the most contaminated produce listed on EWG.

    Glad I am moving to Denver. At least I will be able to more easily purchase everything organically from Farmers Markets.


      • Elena, patients are getting smarter because they are asking some stimulating questions. They sometimes laugh when I mention the dirty dozen. 🙂


  2. Our family has been eating clean, real, organic foods for years, organic gardening during the growing season, and limiting processed foods as well.

    I appreciate organic farmers and ranchers–it takes conviction and determination to be an unconventional farmer, and extremely hard work to prosper in a corporate marketplace that works against them.

    I choose to pay more for good food, not just for my own health, but to support planetary practices that sustain the planet.


    • Midge I absolutely agree with you! I choose to vote with my dollars and to support local farmers, those who care about the land they are working on and supplying us with good wholesome food.


    • Yes! I finally got my husband to understand the whole idea of not been able to wash pesticides off! This video totally did it! He just went shopping and got all organic produce, while in the past he was convinced that hot/cold water few times will do the trick 🙂


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