I am in love with my Yogi Tooth Serum!

Yogi Serum.png

I have started using Yogi Tooth Serum because I truly believe in the power of essential oils. I also read all the amazing reviews on Living Libations website and I ended up ordering it. What is wrong with a regular toothpaste you ask? Floride – we all know; and Sodium lauryl sulfate  (SLS)  is a surfactant, detergent, foaming agent and emulsifier – just these two ingredients make me understand why the label “do not swallow” is on the toothpaste.

The reason I was looking for alternative ways of dental care is because for few years now, I have had a problem with gum recession and plaque buildup on the area effected by gum recession. It was getting worse and I had to get my teeth professionally cleaned every three to four month to prevent rapid plaque buildup. I brushed and flossed and followed a perfect dental hygiene routine for years, and yet nothing would help and I was told by few dentists that at that rate I will need a Gum Tissue Graft Surgery in a year.

At one of my continuing education courses I heard a lecture by Nadine from Living Libations and I decided to look into her products and finally ordered the Serum.

Benefits I have noticed after using Yogi Tooth Serum for two months:

  • No more bleeding gums during flossing and brushing.
  • The plaque buildup has most definitely slowed down.
  • My teeth look whiter.
  • My gums look and feel healthier.
  • The recession has stopped or at the very least slowed down – I can not wait to go to my next Dental visit and have them measure the pockets.

My husband occasionally uses the Serum and likes it, but my oldest daughter who just had her braces taken off, started using the Serum about a month ago still with the braces and she saw a huge difference. Her gums stopped bleeding and her teeth looked whiter. When she took the braces off (after 2.5 years) – her teeth were perfectly clean, healthy and white! Her dentist was amazed at how healthy her mouth was!

So needless to say I love this stuff and since I have clients with Oral Lichen Planus and Mouth Sores, I feel very comfortable recommending it to them.


Here is some helpful info from the Living Libations website:

Many Uses of Yogi Tooth Serum:
*These concentrates (water and alcohol free) can be added to salt-water for an excellent mouthwash.
*One drop added to a dry tooth brush (good-bye toothpaste)
*One drop added to a dry toothbrush and then dipped in (aluminum-free) baking soda, or salt.
*Massaged into gums, especially areas where the pockets are low and the dentin is exposed.
*One drop to proxa-brushes, sulca-brushes and rubber-tip stimulators
*One drop on tongue-scrappers
*One drop on tongue through the day for fresh breath
*One drop gargled in water for sore throats
*One drop on cankers sores; herpes lesions
*Apply one drop several times a day to any oral wound, laceration, incision to ease pain, *reduce inflammation, keep the incision clean and generate new cells.
*One drop to your string of floss, getting the Gum drops between each and every single tooth is very effective.

Side Benefits:
*Diminished cancer sores
*Eases herpes
*Boosts immune systems and sinuses
*Soothes sore throats
*Keeps toothbrush clean

Yogi Tooth Serum is a potent combination of organic neem, cinnamon, clove, mastic, cayenne and cardamom keep your mouth extremely fresh and clean. These ancient Vedic botanicals, are the yogi secret anti-bacterial, anti-viral anti-fungal agents for oral care. Neem alkalizes the gums and mouth. Neem is arista in Sanskrit, a word that means: perfect, complete and imperishable. Neem has been used in India and other Southeast Asian countries for thousands of years in agriculture, food storage, and as a cure-all. Many research studies show that Neem is, fungicidal and antibacterial. Add one drop to toothbrush, and mouth rinse. This serum may also be massaged into gums, and always glide a drop over dental floss to cleanse those tiny spaces in between the teeth. Yogi Tooth Serum is excellent to use with our Neem Enamelizer and Truth Tooth Polish.

I hope you will give this amazing product a try.

By the way if you think it is pricey – it is totally worth the money. I bought a 15ml size for $90 and two months later with two people using it we still have more than half of a bottle left. I expect this one bottle to last us for about 5-6 months of brushing, flossing and rubbing it into our gums.

To your dental health 🙂


  1. Never heard of it before Elena. Have to wait till I start to work full-time again. 🙂 Like the ingredients and your results. Thank you.


    • Rob that is what I thought – the ingredients are wonderful! And I still was hesitant to buy since it is pricey, took me couple of months to get comfortable with the $$ and I am happy I did 🙂


      • Sounds like you have to hum a mantra when you brush your teeth.

        Put it as a buy on my list on my iphone so I don’t forget the name.

        Have a great week Elena.


  2. I use neem oil diluted with a carrier oil on my dog skin, he has a strep infection due to his age and it really helps him! It’s totally amazing stuff, I swear by it! I will check out your tooth stuff, sounds fab! Thanks for letting me know! Hate how people think crazy chemicals are the only method to deal with things. X


    • I love herbs, essential oils – LOVE them! I want to learn more and use it everyday for everything! One day I will dedicate my time to this 🙂 BTW, I so love what you do with dried herbs! I want some of those beautiful things you make! Keep up your delicious and beautiful work!


    • Bad breath can be caused by so many different issues. From the food we eat, bacteria and infections of the mouth, to stomach problems and medications. So on the level of mouth infections and bacteria, yes, with proper dental hygiene which includes essential oils and avoids commercial toothpaste full of chemicals, your mouth flora gets healthier and therefore bad breath may be prevented.
      There are also couple of great books on holistic dental care by Nadine Artemis and by Ramiel Nagel.
      Thank you for reading,


  3. Hi Elena, so you use this in place of toothpaste, right? If so, do you rinse your mouth afterwards or just leave it on? Also, have you tried LL’s other mouth products? I’m wondering if I should get this & the gum drops or if just one is sufficient. Thanks for the review!


    • Hi Jamie,
      I have not used a toothpaste for couple of years now, ever since I have tried the Yogi Tooth Serum. I usually floss, rinse my mouth before and so unless i feel like i need to, I do not rinse after. Another thing I do is put a drop of the product on my finger and massage into my gums. I also use their tooth brush and floss.
      The product is pricey, and I prefer to use one and then switch. Just like with food, products I use I try to rotate.
      Thank you so much for visiting 🙂


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